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Machine to Machine Forum

5/29/12 11:00 AM - 5/30/12 9:00 PM
HostInforma Telecoms&Media
VenueAmcham Business Center, São Paulo - Brazil
M2M in Latin America seems to be a new revenue opportunity for Mobile Operators. M2M offerings in the region are growing year by year through new high speed data connection network and also due a need of a connected world. M2M 2012 will reunite M2M value chain players as: mobile operators, solutions providers and <a href="" target="_blank">the industries that will benefit from the growth of M2M services</a>such as consumer electronics market, automotive, healthcare and utilities among others. The forum will address opportunities and possibilities of new technology, case studies and applications focused on Brazilian market. In our 1st edition (in 2011) we had different playersfrom the valuechain M2M. For this2nd editionour goal is to showM2Mas a fast and efficient solutionby presentingexpertsin industries such asutilities,transportation, security, etc. This is one of the most rapidly growing technologies in the region and it will definitely bring up important and interesting discussions about the topic, in which I am sure you would be able to give great inputs. Due to the importance of your company at this area, it would be a great pleasure if you could accept this invitation to be a speaker at the event. This event will take place S&atilde;o Paulo, Brazil, on May 29-30, 2012. Machine to Machine Forum May, 29 & 30 Amcham Business Center, S&atilde;o Paulo - Brazil
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