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FTTx Summit Middle East

5/27/12 4:00 AM - 5/30/12 1:30 PM
HostIQPC Middle East
VenueOryx Rotana Hotel, Doha, Qatar, Middle East<br />
As Middle Eastern operators face increasing competition and rising demand for super fast broadband, more and more operators are committing to investing in fibre optic networks. FTTx is currently top of the agenda for all service providers across the Middle East, however, as the number of fibre network roll-outs continues to radically increase, operators are desperate to find answers to the following questions: <ul sizcache="0" sizset="28" style="width: 290px"> <li> How can you justify the business case for fibre networks?</li> <li> How can you determine which fibre technology will deliver the best ROI?</li> <li> How do I drive service revenues and ensure an optimal customer take-rate?</li> </ul> FTTx Summit Middle East will bring together fibre case studies from across the Middle East and North Africa to detail the deployment strategies and business models that service providers are using to ensure the best ROI. Take this opportunity to learn from the experiences and advice of your peers and discover how you can further the success of your fibre deployment and ensure maximum customer take-rates. For more information, visit <a href=""></a>
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