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China Telematics & Wireless Tech Forum 2012

7/12/12 1:30 AM - 7/13/12 3:30 PM
HostBeing Consulting, STTE (Shanghai Technology&Transfer Exchange Bureau )
VenueShanghai Ramada Plaza Pudong, China
garthering 200+ OEMs, wireless service operator, vehicle electronic manufactures and China government officers, focusing Industry development policies, &nbsp;standards, market, profit model and technical point of view to discuss the blueprint for the development of China's car networking industry. We building a precious communication platform of technology &nbsp;exchange, business partnership and market development.. &nbsp; Our Topics: &nbsp; &nbsp; *Interpretation of China's laws and regulations and the investment direction of China Telematics &nbsp; *How to create a unified standard system and telematics open framework platform &nbsp; *Information service to promote the overall development of Telematics &nbsp; *Car wireless technology and infotainment solutions &nbsp; *The latest trends and market dynamics ofHMI &nbsp; *Discussion of consumers&rsquo; demand for telematics product service. &nbsp; *Considerations and strategies of the application development from OEMs. &nbsp; *Strategic planning of the wireless carrier for China Telematics Market &nbsp; *To explore OEMs&rsquo; business model of electric vehicle and the solution of telematics service application &nbsp; *Opportunities and challenges of Wi-Fi new technolgy brings to telematics ...... &nbsp; Website: <a href=""></a>
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