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Mobile Network Performance Management

6/18/12 9:00 AM - 6/20/12 5:00 PM
HostTelecoms IQ
VenueMayfair Conference Centre, London
Learn how to cost-effectively manage increasing data traffic, measure and optimise QoS and QoE and accurately forecast future capacity for your network A dramatic Increase in data traffic has left operators across Europe struggling to cope with the huge demand this is putting on their network. With industry experts predicting that the volume of data traffic will multiply 26 fold between 2010 &ndash; 2015, operators are looking at ways to relieve the pressure this is placing on their ability to deliver a good QoS and QoE for their customers. Telecoms IQ&rsquo;s <a href="">Mobile Network Performance Management</a> will provide operators with a vital opportunity to uncover cost-efficient ways to measure and increase capacity and optimise the performance of their network.
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