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4/26/12 8:30 AM - 4/27/12 12:01 AM
HostThe King's Fund
Mobile Strategies for Sport & Sporting Events. The sport industry has already seen an influx of mobile technologies connecting fans to events, teams, brands and athletes - through mobile websites, apps and social media. With increased penetration of smartphones and tablets, mobile has become the primary content distribution channel and crucial to building brands and generating audience participation by enhancing the live experience. Mobile can also impact every facet of the sporting &lsquo;journey&rsquo; through marketing, ticketing, merchandising, CRM, mCommerce and &ldquo;in-play&rdquo; betting. &nbsp; This event presents the business cases for all these mobile applications and reveals how to generate on-going revenues by keeping fans uniquely &ldquo;sticky&rdquo; loyal and engaged between games or events. Expert representatives from both the mobile and sporting sector will explain how mobile technology can be successfully be deployed and provide clear guidance on how best to implement a successful mobile strategy in your sport and events business.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <ul class="ul1"> <li class="li1"> Platform Rights&nbsp;</li> <li class="li1"> Content Production&nbsp;</li> <li class="li1"> Monetising Content&nbsp;</li> <li class="li1"> In Play Gambling&nbsp;</li> <li class="li1"> From Kiosk to Augmented Reality&nbsp;</li> <li class="li1"> M-Ticketing & Payments</li> <li class="li1"> In-Venue Commerce</li> <li class="li1"> Marketing & Sponsorship Strategies</li> <li class="li1"> Getting the Technology to Work&nbsp;</li> <li class="li1"> Mobile & The Olympics</li> </ul> CONTACT JARVIS TEL 01444 831 991 &nbsp; MOBILE 07711 927 092 EMAIL SKYPE jarvis.todd <a href=""></a>
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