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9/18/12 7:00 AM - 9/22/12 7:00 PM
VenueChina International Exhibition Center, Bejing, China
Fast developing Chinese communication market&nbsp; According to the most updated market statistics of MIIT, by the end of September, 2010, the number of phone subscribers totalled 1.1 billion in China, out of which 300 million belonged to the fixed line subscribers, 830 million the mobile subscribers. Meanwhile, Internet users exceed 300 million. By the end of August, 2010, the accumulative communication business accomplished RMB 2275 billion, increased 20.8% compare with the same period of last year, and accumulative communication main business income reached 667.5 billion, increased 6.8% compare with the same period of last year.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Event High Light&nbsp;&nbsp; PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2012 will encompass new generation of information technology and focus on next NGN, Internet of things, Tri-Network Convergence, High Performance IC, High End Software etc. &nbsp; The convergence trend of Information Technology and consumer electronics products is getting more obvious. The event will provide more area for consumer electronics products presentation in order to fully present developing trend of the ICT industry. Exhibition Scope&nbsp; Communication Systems and Equipment Satellite, TV/Radio, IP Communications Information Technology, Information Security Multimedia Communications and Services &nbsp; Mobile Data Networks&nbsp;&nbsp; Mobile Computing, Enterprise Networks, Wireless Broadband &nbsp; Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance and Monitoring Geological and Meteorological Survey &nbsp; Handsets and Accessories GPS Technology, Satellite Navigation Valued Added Services Broadcasting&nbsp;&nbsp; PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2012 * Various channel of event promotion, including barter deal, online marketing, email campaign, direct mailing, PR, etc. * Event High level summit and technical seminar will provide a communication platform to exhibitor to get to know more about industry trend. * Event press center will help exhibitor on product release and media interview. * Market promotion opportunities will extend your brand name beyond the show floor, distinguish your company from the competition and build brand awareness. <a href=""></a>
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