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To ProTect™ and Serve

  • Francois Grandbois, Senior Program Manager, Finance Systems Delivery, at Bell Canada explains why Canada’s leading telco employs cVidya’s ProTect on-going services solution for Revenue Assurance


    As Canada’s largest communications company, Bell Canada provides a wide range of fixed line, television and wireless services to millions of consumers and business customers. As we operate in a fast moving and highly competitive market, we are frequently deploying new products, services and tariff plans.


    In this dynamic environment, revenue can easily slip between the cracks, damaging the company’s profitability and its capacity to invest in networks and services. That’s why Revenue Assurance plays a pivotal role in our daily operations.


    Five years ago, we deployed cVidya’s MoneyMap® application to enable our Revenue Assurance team to proactively identify and address revenue leaks and potential revenue leaks. Crucially, we also employ cVidya’s ProTect Post Production Service, which maintains and operates MoneyMap for us on a day-to-day basis. This ongoing support has been instrumental in ensuring we make the most of this sophisticated application, which is producing thousands of files each day.


    This kind of managed or on-going services (OGS) contract can be very cost-effective, particularly when it comes to customizing or reconfiguring an application. If Bell needs to add something or change something related to MoneyMap, the customization can typically be handled by cVidya’s managed services team under our ongoing service contract, which includes a bank of hours that we can draw on. If I had to pay for a new project each time we wanted to customize the application, it could get too expensive and we would not be able to meet the organization’s evolving needs in a timely manner.


    Direct access to experts

    Of course, cost is not the only consideration.  It is my responsibility to ensure new coding is as good as possible and the best way to do that is to bring in the experts. As cVidya has intensive specialist knowledge of MoneyMap, the cVidya team generally, if not always, handles the physical migration of the code, as well as the production data testing. Their involvement ensures that Bell can launch new products, services and tariffs with a solid Revenue Assurance foundation.


    The Revenue Assurance team can also work directly with the cVidya managed services team to tweak the application’s logic and functionality. That enables our Revenue Assurance specialists to fine-tune the application to meet their evolving requirements, so they can, for example, easily adjust MoneyMap’s configuration and setup parameters. 


    The beauty of this arrangement is that I don’t need to be involved, so there is much less overhead. Better still, cVidya’s in-depth knowledge of the application is easily available to the end-user. Although the cVidya team isn’t an internal resource, they have built a close working relationship with our Revenue Assurance specialists and share a team spirit and camaraderie.


    Moreover, our Revenue Assurance team can call on the cVidya experts for help when they have a problem. In conjunction with CGI, which runs our helpdesk, cVidya provides first, second and third level support for MoneyMap, putting the application vendor’s expertise directly at the disposal of our the end-users. In my experience, this is a highly unusual arrangement, but it works really well.


    Applications need ongoing support

    In summary, you cannot deploy a new application and then walk away. If you do, key processes will soon stop working, as the external environment changes and end-users’ requirements evolve.


    Of course, one approach is to employ another vendor to provide application support. But then you have three players involved and any problems are always someone else’s fault.  Conversely, the application vendor will know its own software better than a third party and is well placed to quickly identify the root causes of a glitch and fix the issue. 


    Since we began using cVidya’s managed service proposition three years ago, we have had hardly any downtime for MoneyMap. As well as maintaining MoneyMap, the cVidya managed services team produces a daily report on its performance and supports the application of security patches on a monthly basis.


    More broadly, our Revenue Assurance is now robust enough to be a fundamental part of our daily operations. Several years ago, the product and marketing teams didn’t have a big appetite for Revenue Assurance. Now, they really want MoneyMap to be capturing operational and billing data, so that reconciliations can be handled by the application. There is a different level of engagement, which is good for Bell Canada and the future of our business.

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