The value of omni-channel CRM in telecoms

  • Posted by AsiaInfo
  • July 6, 2015 10:40 AM BST
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AsiaInfo commissioned independent research consultants, Northstream, to study how organizations in a variety of verticals have realized the benefits associated with the omni-channel and SCV capabilities of next generation CRM, and to quantify the benefits to the telecoms sector in particular.  Following extensive interviews with European telecoms operators  to validate their findings, Northstream concluded that, with a well-implemented omni-channel/SCV CRM solution, Western European operators could save up to $4.6 billion in OPEX annually. For the first time Northstream’s research maps out a quantitative business case for Western European operators to invest in a truly omni-channel solution by assessing the OPEX saving benefits that next generation CRM can provide.