ZSmart Enables Large Scale M2M services for Utility Connect

  • Posted by ZTEsoft
  • January 22, 2016 11:32 AM GMT
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ZTEsoft and partners deliver an advanced end-to-end M2M enabler platform


Strategy & objectives

Utility Connect, a subsidiary of the major Dutch energy network operators Stedin and Alliander, partnered with leading telecoms operator KPN to deploy a private CDMA network to enablea range of M2M services, such as automatic meter reading and remote control of public lighting. KPN and Utility Connect commissioned a partnership of IBM Netherlands, ZTE Corporation and ZTEsoft, a leading software and service provider and product vendor, to provide an end-to-end and comprehensive M2M platform.



The project represented the first time a utility-telco partnership has built an M2M network in Europe. The M2M platform had to be able to support multiple distributors, and the infrastructure network had to be highly-scalable to accommodate a growing number of M2M devices. The partners also needed a customised M2M package and platform (tariff plan, subscription and self-service capabilities).



IBM Netherlands, ZTE Corporation and ZTEsoft developed an M2M enabler platform that can support the remote reading of millions of smart energy meters, together with the monitoring and remote control of other devices, such as data concentrators in mid-voltage stations and public lighting. The platform is designed to be able to support up to eight million M2M connections over the next 15 years.



The ZSmart M2M enabler platform was successfully installed in May 2015, ahead of the implementation deadline, and went live in October 2015. KPN and Utility Connect now have an innovative, end-to-end support infrastructure with best-inclass software applications and computing platforms that provide everything they need to manage the digital ecosystem, optimize operations and create greater value for customers and partners alike.