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  • Outsourcing real estate call center will not only allow you to focus on other core tasks but also lets you reach out to more prospects and increase your bottom line
  • Today, call centers offer a one-stop destination for almost everything your business requires from low operational costs to providing a seamless customer service.
  • Switching is the method that is used to establish connections between nodes within a network. Once a connection has been made, information can be sent. Telephone switching usually refers to the switching of voice channels.
  • by Zafar Daud, Solutions Architect, Guavus
    When does it make sense to buy a big data analytics solution vs. building one in-house? This is a question that many departments within service provider organizations find themselves faced with time and time ...
    • Posted by prodapt
    • 6 June
    With the growing trend of mergers and acquisitions, new technology adaptations, geographical expansions across the world, the need for ITSM systems and process consolidation has become imperative. Every digital service provider’s (DSP) application landsca...  more
  • What is it that has set the Nokia Dynanet product family apart from other legacy systems and what make it so popular?
    • Posted by prodapt
    • 28 May
    The communication industry is growing at an unprecedented pace and is emerging as a multi-service industry, with many next-gen offerings. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are adding diverse services in their catalogs such as mobile voice, data, IPTV, DTH,...  more
    • Posted by prodapt
    • 21 May
    How popular is your YouTube channel? Do your videos rank well on the platform? In general, the ranking of your videos is very important for promoting your products and services. Video marketing is an important business tool today. There are several SEO ta...  more
  • This article looks at the evolution of fiber optics, from their initial conception to today’s uses.
  • India has been the most preferred location for outsourcing BPO service. Read on to know what makes it the right choice for western companies for outsourcing