Excellent Finance Module is a key to success of any BSS for ISPs

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  • November 30, 2017 5:59 AM GMT
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Finance module is a critical module for BSS which normally tried by other BSS provider to integrate with external software. Integration of finance module in BSS reduce the Capex of ISPs and provide revenue forecasting.

Every business has its own challenges and every business owners find or try to find the solutions for the hurdles in its business. Business operations of internet service providers (ISPs) are facing such problems in the industry for long where they have to cut the operation cost and also able to satisfy their customers where already Jio is providing it at bedrock price.

Talking to various ISPs, few are having Business Support System (BSS) in place but either on-premise or even having on the cloud but not having sufficient functionality to cater the real business problems. Few ISPs are those who are still unstructured but the reason is fearing of financial investment as high Capex and with zero or least visibility of RoI.

Most of the BSS is challenging as it has Finance module as an external or needs to be connected with the separate financial software. This is actually complicated and for many ISPs, it could be heavy Capex. Even integrating with other financial software or external module the seamlessness is not been found all the cases.

Finance Module of UNIFY3.8

Inventum UNIFY3.8 is upgraded cent percent of its financial module than the older version for ISPs. The core features of finance module are -

  • Hierarchal ledger creation
  • providing the ability to create an organisation
  • updates the contact
  • providing facility to the subscriber to have e-wallet which can be used by subscribers for their billing or crediting to their known one
  • Ability to create various reports including projected revenue, reseller management, and others
  • Fully GST compliance
  • Ability to send the email of Statement of Account of each subscriber
  • Journal Management – Credit note, debit note, and deposits
  • Single invoice settlement via multiple times payment
  • Auto dunning

Benefits of finance module of UNIFY3.8 are –

  • UNIFY 3.8 enables the operators to provide a single window for service portfolio management and payment through single bill for multiple services through its self-service (self-care)
  • UNIFY 3.8 enables reseller management to manage product purchases and tracker the active inventory to enables both operator and the reseller to streamline the sales

It is very important to reduce the operational overheads and this can be provided by UNIFY 3.8 in many ways. For more details, please visit www.invnetum.net and for demo contact marketing@inventum.net.