Essentials of an Omni Channel Selfcare Customer Service

The increasing number of support channels has raised the need of omni channel selfcare, the quality of which depends on the essential aspects discussed here.

When customers look for answers to their queries, they don’t think about that they need to follow different channels. With the increase in the number of support channels with the rapid smartphone, delivering omni channel selfcare is becoming a must for an enhanced customer experience.

Though omnichannel is not only about adding multiple channels but delivering the desired service to customers, at the right time, over the right channel. Some of the vital aspects of omnichannel support are discussed below:

Customer Preference Decides the Channel Choice: In the present support scenario, customers get moved to a particular channel for a reason, which could be a system limitation or for a better interaction. But the core concept of omnichannel refers to allowing customers use the channel they are willing to. So, the choice of  the channel should be made as per the customer preference and not by the type of request.

Seamless Channel Switching: A major aspect of omnichannel service is that customers can use multiple channels for a resolution or a task. So, you should enable a seamless integration between your support channels, allowing customers to switch channels and still get the service as they were on the same channel.

Service Should be in Context with the Customer: While delivering omnichannel services, many companies focus on sales or marketing. But, the emphasis should be on best practices in customer service when dealing with an existing customer. A happy customer will spend more and ultimately help meet business goals, and that might not be possible with more focus on sales and less on support.

Right Data at the Right Channel: Omnichannel self-care support is based on the seamless hand-off across multiple channels, which is possible with digital channels but not for PC, kiosk, and others. So, the content for such a service should match the customer expectations and must be optimized for the device or the context of the customer.

Personalized Support: In omnichannel service, a personalized support can be delivered with dynamic changes and updates pushed across all the channels. The data that can be synchronized includes customer’s preferences, browsing history, usage, service information, and other data. This enhances customer lifecycle value with a personalized support, based on the previous interactions.

Priorities Matter: As a telecom service provider, you need to prioritize your services for your customers. Here, dealing with the critical customer cases should be at the top of the list, to start delivering a good customer experience. Though priorities vary with businesses, depending on their short as well as long-term goals.

Thus, omni channel selfcare should be a consistent, coordinated strategy to support your customers, allowing them to seamlessly move between channels.

  • Aarti Mehta
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    November 23, 2016
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