• The Internet of Things (IoT) has been promising new revenue streams for telecoms operators for almost a decade, but these revenues are still yet to materialize. In this blog we take a look at where IoT revenues really lie for telecoms operators, from insi...  more
  • Hands up if you like being left on hold when you call your provider! Nobody, oh right. That’s odd as the majority of you probably go directly to the major networks for your business mobiles. And what do the major networks do when you contact them...
    • Posted by dubber
    • 23 January
    The Dodd-Frank act was written into US law following the financial crisis of 2007, in an attempt to prevent any further recessions in the future. Financial companies must take a series of steps to ensure they are fully compliant with the act. Trump's elec...  more
    • Posted by dubber
    • 16 January
    For all the talk of satellites and the cloud, 99% international internet data is actually transmitted by a vast network of submarine cables.
    • Posted by dubber
    • 3 January
    2016 was a turbulent year; a year of huge and rapid change for politics, culture and of course technology. Big Data, the Internet of Things, 5G and Smart Cities were all developed, bringing their solutions more and more into everyday life. With these chan...  more
  • Not that long ago, at the start of a new year, mobile operators would tout the number of text messages sent over their network.  However, as OTT messaging services like Whatsapp started to take over, SMS volumes started to decline and the MNO&rsqu...
    • Posted by dubber
    • 20 December 2016
    As voice connections decrease, data revenue increases and the modern-day revolution of the communications industry continues, experts say we are entering a 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' - the new age of technology that will reinvent everyday life as we ...  more
  • Artificial (General) Intelligence and Robotics:
    There is a big distinction between artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial general intelligence (AGI). The former is akin to your GPS finding the best route to the airport, with the latter being ass...
    • Posted by dubber
    • 12 December 2016
    The EU are extending their pre-existing MiFID legislation to tighten restrictions on the financial sector. The updated directive - known as MiFID II - now includes IFAs and Wealth Managers in the job roles that must comply with a call recording legal requ...  more
    • Posted by dubber
    • 5 December 2016
    Big Data is currently a hot topic in the industry, and its potential in contact centres has been well documented. This post focusses on the potential of Big Voice, a solution that unites UC and voice analytics solutions to create innovative new services w...  more