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    Globalization, Connectivity, Digitization and Global Economic Reforms have brought about unprecedented changes to the world. The continuous shifts in digital technology have changed the way individuals, groups and organizations behave and interact with...
  • Call centers have always worked as a bridge between the buyers and sellers, and now comes the AI, ready to take the customer experience to a whole new level.
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    In the fast-paced technology driven market, businesses in general, and telecom operators in specific have started to focus on ensuring High Availability (HA) of the services that they offer. High availability means that the end-users (either resellers ...
  • The way our world works is changing. Many aspects of life are adapting to the change and happening in different ways to how they have done previously. This is especially true in the business world, where the process of globalisation is having an enormous ...  more
  • Businesses need to outsource certain services to gain a competitive edge. These four sectors can capitalize on call center services in India the most.
  • Outsourcing your inbound and outbound call center services can, apart from being highly cost-effective, help save your valuable time and productive resources
  • The delivery of television signals has changed drastically in the last fifty years. For decades the only way to receive any reception at all was by having an over-the-air antenna mounted on your roof.
  • As we move to 5G, networks need to become more externally focused and aware, a fundamental shift from current paradigms of network analytics and automation. This paper lays out how this can be achieved and the measures which can be taken to move towards a...  more
  • Inbound call center services are important for businesses for growing their revenue as well as retaining their existing customers.
  • Telecoms set foot on Blockchain
    The most talked-about technologies these days is defiantly blockchain. Organizations that represent different industries explore the potential impact of blockchain on their business and find ways to benefit from the eme...