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    Big Data is currently a hot topic in the industry, and its potential in contact centres has been well documented. This post focusses on the potential of Big Voice, a solution that unites UC and voice analytics solutions to create innovative new services w...  more
  • If mobile operators really want to inform their customers about the service they will provide, they need to fundamentally rethink the concept of coverage maps
  • Ransomware is a computer virus that encrypts and locks your files. Cyber crooks hold files and devices for ransom, requesting large payoffs from you in exchange of decryption keys.
    After targeting just home users, ha...
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    • 16 November
    Big Data - What does it mean for telcos? What steps must telcos take to maximise the benefits of Big Data, and what role will Big Voice play in the future of telco business?
  • In this internet world, Consumer experience is the vital variable that telecommunications drivers maintained at the facility of the community. Self-service software program for smart devices can produce a large difference on the typical customer care. Mob...  more
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    • 9 November
    The US election has been dominating headlines for months whilst the campaign war has waged, and now the result is in. How will the shocking result of the US election affect telecommunications in America? Would it have been different if Hilary Clinton had won?
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    • 31 October
    Not all cloud platforms are the same. Some are what the industry calls 'true' cloud products, and some are what the industry calls 'fake' cloud products. 'Fake' or hosted cloud platforms share few similarities with 'true' cloud platforms, and in fact have...  more
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    • 18 October
    Some are calling the Internet of Things the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the upcoming release of 5G, the Internet of Things will become a reality on a large scale. Telcos can invest and be in a position of power, generating large profits and benefit...  more
  • Happy employees are a key to improved support quality and knowledge management software helps agents work efficiently with satisfaction
  • As an outcome of a project aimed to introduce a business processes automation system, company executives always expect to see a tangible result: satisfied clients who spend more. But this is by no means always the case, and a considerable part of the auto...  more