• In this internet world, Customer experience is the key factor that telecom operators keep at the center of the ecosystem. Self-service software for smartphones can create a big difference on the traditional customer care. Mobile self-care apps can provide...  more
  • The increasing number of support channels has raised the need of omnichannel self-care, the quality of which depends on the essential aspects discussed here.
  • Follow the tips to get ready for the future selfcare needs with the best omni channel selfcare solution for your customers, for a sustainable business growth.
  • Multiple companies prefer to keep manual operations in place when it comes to critical business processes. Some combine it with modern business tools and integrate recurring payments model.
  • Generate more revenue along with reducing support costs and gaining customer loyalty with a mobile selfcare application for your telecom services.
  • Various types of companies face often repeated business processes and handling support tickets which are common for almost any tech company. Moreover, managing typical tasks and providing recurring services are often complex business processes that requir...  more
  • Most businesses based on recurring payments model involve subscription billing. Moving from single payments is effective only when your clients are satisfied. Subscription churn means recurring revenue cuts and should be dealt with swiftly.
  • 2016 has been called the year of conversational commerce, and a recent study would appear to back that up. According to Business Insider, messaging apps have now surpassed social networks in terms of monthly activity.
    After several y...
  • SaaS and Cloud Computing are inevitable paradigm shifts. These days, enterprises have started moving their businesses to cloud. This makes the data in cloud extremely significant for strategic decision making. Earlier, IT managers used to struggle with...
  • In the past decade we have seen tremendous changes in the way we communicate with one another. Whether we are interacting with our family and friends or our colleagues at work, connecting with someone has never been easier.
    Everyone has their ...