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  • DIMOCO Carrier Billing and EnergyBet today announced their partnership to provide the vast iGaming sector the same easy payment opportunity that many other digital entertainment industries already thrive on.
  • DIMOCO, a leading payment institute for carrier billing, today announces the key trends slated to drive the carrier billing market in 2017. Carrier billing offers content owners and merchants the ability to do business with consumers that do not own a cre...  more
  • DIMOCO, a leading A2P SMS provider that offers outbound messaging products to enable clients to communicate from their enterprise application to billions of consumers across the globe, today announces the key trends that will foster the A2P message market...  more
  • Bonn & Vienna, 15th November 2016 – Deutsche Telekom ICSS and DIMOCO Messaging today announced their partnership in the Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS business. With a contractual framework ...
  • Carrier billing opportunity is extremely strong for Greek digital content merchants:
    ePublishing segment set to overtake eGames by 2020;
  • DIMOCO research cites ticketing and online dating as top digital content segments for the region according to the leading Payment Institute for Carrier Billing
  • DIMOCO,a leading payment institute for carrier billing services, today announced that it is acquiring Onebip SpA, a mobile payment company specialized in direct carrier billing services, to enhance its services and European market position.
  • DIMOCO, an operator of a payment institute for direct carrier billing, today announces that its established payment institute, that holds a payment service act license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), had its license passporte...
  • DIMOCO – a leading European carrier billing provider – scores with another market report. With 49m mobile subscribers, a 110.4% mobile (vs. 54.4% credit card) and a 54.5% smartphone penetration rate, Spain is one of the most highly de...  more
  • DIMOCO & Tele2 announce co-operation:
    Mobile messaging provider handles the A2P SMS volume of the new virtual mobile network operator