How can operators become the new OTTs?

It’s a commonly heard refrain that operators feel they have become dumb pipes and little more than vehicles to enable OTT service providers to make huge revenues. Service providers pay huge costs for licenses and to develop reliable high speed networks in order to serve increasing demands from consumers only to enable consumers to connect with 3rd party OTTs and use the networks to access Social Media, Video on Demand, Video Conferencing, Mobile Money services, VoIP services and a wealth of other 3rd party services which only benefit operators as increased Data bundles. Can you, the operator turn this trend around? We believe you can and we can help!!

Extensia have seen this trend rise over recent years and we feel, for the Telecom and ICT ecosystem to survive, operators who make the heavy investments in licenses and infrastructure need to generate revenues to support onward investment in the development of the ecosystem. To achieve this, you need to satisfy your shareholders, attract investment and generate profits.

Extensia are here to support you and to this end, we have developed a portfolio of solution partners who can guarantee (yes they will guarantee) new lines of profit (not just revenue) and in some cases, to do so without the need for further investment from your side! We have searched and identified partners who can support your development with enough confidence in their products, to do this on a revenue share basis, avoiding up-front investments, if this is your preference.

We can help you to explore these revenue generating opportunities alongside network efficiency and optimisation solutions that will help you to reach rural and underserved areas with profitable services and deliver reliable high throughput services to your urban clients.

Through our Extensia Bridge service we help you to identify the best solutions according to your needs and roadmap and we assist your interactions with these companies to make sure you speak with the right people and get the right answers to your questions.

For More information on Extensia Bridge and our partners, contact Adrian Hall

Through our Connect Africa Summit (CAS) in Durban, South Africa on the 11th and 12th September 2018, we can provide you with access to a number of these companies, listen to what they have to say on the main programme, attend workshops and we can arrange one to one meetings for you. Find out what is possible and re align your roadmap with this vital information and with valuable new connections with peers, solution partners and investors. Get in touch if you would like more information. Your invitation is free of charge and provides open access to the entire programme. You can attend for just one or both days but places are limited to just 250 VIP delegate attendees and a small number of international solution providers

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