The Lego Logo Challenge at The Internet & Mobile Show Asia 2014

  • Posted by Li Zhen Neo
  • April 21, 2014 7:47 AM BST

The Lego Logo Challenge

What is it all about?


We wanted to launch Bonsey Jaden to the internet community in a fun, memorable, and relevant way. We are a startup, and like all startups we don't have the deep pockets and long history of the majors. What we do have is talent, energy and some great creative ideas. How could we bring these to life at the show?


We were looking for a way to illustrate the challenge of building brands in accelerated ‘internet time’ and to reflect on the challenges marketers face in aligning brand experiences in both the online and offline worlds.


As a digital brand agency we thought about illustrating the power of brand recognition and showing how the most successful brands occupy a central part of our memory banks.


We wanted to create an activity that would engage visitors and to challenge their creativity and dexterity.  


We wanted to use social media to engage with a wider audience than the conference attendees.


We wanted an experience that would be simple, universally applicable and to have some fun in the process.


Simple. Universal. Engaging. Fun... Like Lego.


So how does it work?


Its simple. Visitors to the Bonsey Jaden booth are invited to pick a brand from random and to attempt to build the brand logo using Lego in the shortest possible time. The attempt will be filmed and uploaded to the Lego Logo Challenge site. Friends and visitors will be encouraged to vote for the best rendition of the logo, created in the shortest time. The creator of the logo that gets the most votes wins a great prize.


Why does it work for us?


It will be a fun test of brand recall and creative skills. It will combine the brilliant simplicity and universal appeal of Lego with dynamic social media in an immediately rewarding challenge. We will all learn together, have fun and showcase the power of live, real-time brand engagement using the digital tools that are the hallmark of Bonsey Jaden services. What could be a better way of seeing our team in action at the event itself?



Come down and join in the fun at The Internet & Mobile Show Asia 2014 taking place this Wednesday and Thursday (23rd and 24th April) at the Suntec Singapore International Exhibition & Convention Centre. Drop by Bonsey Jaden's booth (U04) to take part in the Lego Logo Challenge. Don't miss out, register now!