How MVNO can benefit with AdCharge - New Video by Speedflow

Speedflow presents to MVNO community the release of the latest AdCharge video. It explains all the benefits they can get from joining in the AdCharge network. With no investment MVNO will be able to enter the ads market and begin earning extra revenue from outside the Telecom industry.

Speedflow Team is pleased to release their newest video about AdCharge – the innovative media platform that unites the interests of Telecomsadvertisers, and mobile subscribers. It is a win-win solution that turns each participating party into a winner. 

The video explains how MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) can extend their business and benefit from the rapidly growing mobile advertising industry. Today’s business is very challenging and AdCharge gives MVNO competitive advantage helping them to stand out and accumulate new revenue streams.

With AdCharge Telecom providers, mobile operators, MVNO, etc. can enter the ads market quickly and easily without any investment needed from their side. They simply need to join in the AdCharge network and will immediately begin increasing their monthly profit. But how is that possible? Basically:

  • MVNO will get a revenue share from every ad their mobile subscribers have viewed or clicked on.
  • Mobile subscribers will be rewarded for viewing and clicking on ads displayed on their smartphone screens before and after every call they have made.
  • Advertisers will be able to grow their business and increase conversion rates as their ads will be shown to a highly targeted audience.

AdCharge is a revolutionary mobile advertising platform created to benefit everybody involved. We offer complete transparency and maximum data security to all – advertisers, Telecoms and their subscribers. It is about time to get ahead of time by becoming a member of an advertising community that has found an effective and innovative way to distribute profit among all participants.