SK Telecom to Expand Global Sales of Smart Appcessories

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) today announced that it will focus on expanding global exports of its smart appcessories this year. At present, its two main appcessories namely Smart Beam and Atti are drawing great interest and attention from visitors at MWC 2014.

Smart Beam is an ultra-mini pico projector for smartphones that enables projection of diverse contents on a nearby wall or ceiling. Cumulative sales of Smart Beam have reached 50,000 as of December 2013. The company has exported around 8,000 units to seven different countries including Germany and Japan last year. And on February 3, 2014, it signed a sales contract with a Brazilian company to provide 5,000 units. Also, Smart Beam is being sold at Korean Air's in-flight duty free shop from February 2014 following its launch at Asiana Air's in-flight duty free shop in July 2013.

Moreover, the company is currently in talks with device distributors in France, Spain and China to supply Smart Beam in their respective countries, and is expecting to sell a total of 30,000 units in the overseas markets this year.

Meanwhile, on October 1, 2013, SK Telecom has signed an agreement with Telefonica, the largest mobile service provider in Spain, to supply kids' learning robot Atti to Talentum Schools operated by Telefonica. First provided at Talentum Schools in Telefonica's Madrid Flagship store, the Atti-related courses became an instant hit among children and the youth. Thanks to this popularity, in February 2014, the two companies have decided to offer Atti-related courses at Telefonica's flagship store in Barcelona, and are currently in talks to further expand the number of locations that provide such courses. 

The company has also signed a sales contract with Big Robots, a France-based online distributor of cutting-edge IT products, in November 2013 to supply 1,000 units of Atti to be sold in France. Also, together with Big Robots, SK Telecom plans to participate in Europe's biggest robot exhibition 'Innorobo 2014,' which will be held next month in Lyon, France. To cater to the needs and interests of consumers in France, the two companies have developed new contents for Atti.

SK Telecom will take part in UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014 to be held from February 17-21 in Paris. The company will present its case of how Smart Beam and Atti are being utilized for educational purposes and exhibit these appcessories along with its smart class solutions during the event.

"SK Telecom believes that smart appcessories can deliver differentiated value to customers, while creating new business opportunities for both itself and SMEs," said Yook Tae-sun, Senior Vice President and Head of New Business Division at SK Telecom. "This year, SK Telecom will make redoubled efforts to see tangible results in the appcessory business."