Cloud Software and Interoperability Provider Royal Solutions Group Deploys MD Portal to Break-Glass and Enable CPOE

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Royal Solutions Group LLC, a provider of HIE-as-a-Service solutions to the Healthcare industry, recently deployed RoyalMD, a secure, single-pain-of-glass portal that tracks patient history and progress through the office visit life cycle.  Accessible from any web browser and mobile device, RoyalMD meets Meaningful Use Stage 2 and has built-in CPOE, real-time consultations, clinical decision support and breaking glass technologies.  Physicians can easily track patient exam status, place orders and communicate within their clinical community.  Annotated key images and web-enabled DICOM viewers allow providers from all over the country to view, comment and study their patient's radiology exam.

The RoyalMD™ experience takes physician and patient engagement further than anything else on the market.  With a deep focus on interoperability between disparate systems through flexible information management techniques, Royal Solutions Group continues to leverage its position in the HITECH industry as the only leading provider of truly vendor-agnostic solutions available. "We build more than software products. We focus on our primary mission of applying innovative approaches to interoperability and ensuring our clients achieve seamless connectivity. And now, through RoyalMD, everyone in the medical community can experience this vision, which we have worked so hard to make a reality," says Rafal Pisarski, Chief Marketing Officer at Royal Solutions Group. 

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Customer Benefits

  • Increased Provider Loyalty – RoyalMD enables providers with the tools necessary to better their practice, delivering strong patient care to the community.
  • Improved Communication – Providers have a channel to easily communicate with clinicians from all specialties, increasing patient and physician engagement.
  • Strong Value Add – RoyalMD provides timely access and interoperability to the existing environment, enabling Meaningful Use Stage 2.

About Royal Solutions Group

Royal Solutions Group is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EHR Solutions to the Healthcare industry across North America. Royal offers Royal Forms™ for secure electronic forms, Royal Kiosks™ for patient registration and access, Royal Letters™ for secure email notifications, Royal MD™ for practice and referral management, Royal Payments™ for medical billing and Report Guard® for encryption, connectivity, and interoperability services. Royal Solutions Group owns and operates a Managed Private Health Information Exchange (HIE), which is responsible for the centralization of data and connectivity-ease with any third party system.  Royal Solutions Group is How Information Moves.

Headquartered in New York, NY, Royal serves a broad range of clients across North America.  We offer solution centric approaches to Integrating Technology, enabling Meaningful Use and Optimizing Processes.

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Rafal T. Pisarski 
Chief Marketing Officer, Royal Solutions Group 
(646) 405-4878

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