Applitools Announces Being a Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Partner With Applitools Eyes - The First Cloud Service for Automated V

TEL AVIV, Israel, December 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Applitools, innovators in Automated Visual Testing, announces being a Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 partner with Applitools Eyes, the first Cloud Service for Automated Visual Testing of Web, Mobile and Desktop applications, based on proprietary Cognitive Vision technology.

"In today's world, UI is the face of any application and a key to successful user experience (UX)" says Gil Sever, Co-Founder and CEO of Applitools. "The tremendous evolution in modern app environments such as multi-device, Agile, Continuous Deployment and more, is posing new challenges to developers and testers which are not being answered by any of the existing functional test automation tools. Applitools Eyes enables app developers and testers to bridge that gap and automate this process. We've presented Applitools Eyes to testers, developers and industry experts and received great feedback."

Applitools Eyes can add value to Visual Studio users in three ways: First, it easily integrates with Coded UI and immediately enhances it with a unique and unprecedented Automated Visual Testing capability. Second, once integrated with Coded UI, Applitools Eyes can be run and managed by Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) along with all the other functional tests. Third, when Applitools Eyes detects visual and UI problems in the Application under Test (AUT), it returns an error notification to Microsoft TFS and a link to the visual log of the failure, which provides the user an immediate, exact and easy-to-understand description of the root cause of the problem. Since Applitools is a Cloud Service, it can easily integrate with the Cloud version of Microsoft TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation Service).

Applitools Eyes includes SDKs for Coded UI and Selenium .NET, which allows developers and testers that use Visual Studio, to use Applitools Eyes very easily. Applitools Eyes is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and easily integrates with MTM and TFS.

"Applitools helps Visual Studio developers solve real, challenging problems for testing with a unique and innovative solution," said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Tools Marketing and Sales, Microsoft. "Applitools Eyes, integrated with Visual Studio 2013, enhances Coded UI and adds automated visual testing for mobile and web apps, while also tying into our application lifecycle management tools."

Applitools offers free accounts for developers and testers of small apps and premium accounts for professional and enterprise users. Applitools has a special offer to Visual Studio users offering them a 20% discount on a Team account.

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