BitYota Delivers Performance Cloud-based Data Analytics for JSON data from MongoDB

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Data Warehouse Service (DWS) provider BitYota today announced its offering to deliver greater performance and interactive analysis on native JSON data from MongoDB using SQL.  ObjectRocket, a Rackspace® Hosting company provides MongoDB as a service.

The new solution is the first of its kind, designed to meet the high-velocity analytics needs of today's mobile, web, and gaming apps that rely on schemaless JSON to keep their data together. BitYota's DWS is available for the Rackspace/ObjectRocket's MongoDB service from ObjectRocket, a Rackspace company, to incrementally extract, load and store documents in BSON format from customers' MongoDB instances into BitYota's DWS running on Rackspace Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack. 

This data is then immediately available - to view, to analyze, to aggregate and join with something else, as desired, all using SQL. No need for a complex ETL process and no need to modify anything, even if the JSON attributes change over time. This capability enables developers to gain deeper insights quickly through interactive adhoc analysis using statistical functions such as joins across collections, aggregations, comparisons, ranking and other complex criteria. This kind of exploratory, adhoc analysis is a challenge on MongoDB, especially for larger data sets because of size, syntax, memory and performance limitations.

SumAll, a SaaS data web analytics tool for small businesses, is the first to leverage BitYota's DWS hosted on the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud.  With this solution, SumAll is achieving faster, automated aggregation and analysis of its MongoDB-stored data, enabling the company to query its full store of data on demand at any time.

"BitYota gives us the ability to spot trends, patterns and insights spanning all of our data, which we simply couldn't achieve before," said SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson. "As we strive to connect data from a wider variety of services, identify industry averages and breakdown data silos, using the BitYota DWS and Rackspace Hybrid Cloud gives us the warehousing and compute capabilities that we—and our 100,000 small business users—need to succeed." 

"BitYota's DWS has been custom built from the ground up to serve the fast-paced needs of today's modern app environment, aggregating mobile, web, sales, social and other real-time structured and unstructured data from applications and multiple OLTP sources into a single analytics solution," said BitYota CEO and co-founder Dev Patel. "Our relationship with Rackspace will enable the global Mongo community to dramatically accelerate data analysis and gain real-time insight to make faster business decisions on Rackspace performance Cloud Servers..."

The BitYota DWS available for ObjectRocket MongoDB customers provides a powerful solution with an end-to-end capability to:

  • Perform both scheduled and on-demand extract and load from MongoDB: MongoDB customers can enable extraction via a custom-built tool that tails the oplog and extracts the changed data in BSON format on a schedule.
  • Explore data immediately in its native JSON format: BitYota's DWS provides a JSON datatype that can be manipulated using regular SQL. BitYota's SQL extensions over JSON allow a user to directly access the attributes within a JSON document as if they were regular table columns, even if they are nested within arrays. 
  • Extensible, high performance analytics: In addition to support for standard SQL-2011 OLAP operators like count, range, window, etc for complex analysis, BitYota allows users to call User Defined Functions (UDFs) written in scripting languages like Javascript, Python and Perl from within SQL, enabling developers to leverage their existing data manipulation and analytics algorithms on the same data.
  • Fully Managed DWS: Our Service is built from the ground up to handle Big Data, and to run on cloud commodity hardware at a predictable performance as users and data grow. As a managed service, we take the headache out of all the administrative tasks required to set up and manage a data analytics platform. We also offer elastic scalability so users can expand and contract capacity as needed.
  • Rackspace Service offering: Rackspace offers a fully managed service, with elastic scaling, as customers' data and performance needs grow.  Customers don't have to worry about hardware provisioning, maintaining homogeneous configurations; software versions, upgrades and installations; etc.

"We are excited that BitYota has expanded its DWS support to include MongoDB alongside Rackspace's MongoDB Service and Cloud Servers," said John Engates, Rackspace CTO. "BitYota offers a fundamentally improved approach for customers looking to harness the power of Big Data analytics for MongoDB, enabling them to derive much greater insights and value from their data."

To learn more about the BitYota DWS available for ObjectRocket MongoDB customers, visit

About BitYota
BitYota is a Data Warehouse Service (DWS) for semi-structured data, designed from the ground up for fast, low-latency analytics on data from fast-changing web and mobile applications. Founded in 2011 by executives and senior engineers with 35+ years of big data experience at Yahoo, Oracle, Veritas/Symantec, Informix, BMC, and Kabira/Tibco, BitYota is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit