EduGame Cloud pioneers new e-learning gaming, collaboration capabilities, brings to Adobe Connect

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ConnectExtensions is excited to announce the launch of EduGame Cloud, an innovative suite of customizable educational games, marketing tools, training tools and student management resources for Adobe Connect.

The latest in the company's line of groundbreaking custom pods, EduGame Cloud 'gamifies' cloud-based learning through custom crossword and word search puzzles, trivia games, surveys, assessments, quizzes – all of which can be created by administrators and integrated seamlessly into any Adobe Connect meeting room.  The platform presents a new social collaboration map that provides a vCard exchange for hosts and attendees while referencing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, with group discussions on host-chosen topics. Participants interact and respond in real time, and the built-in reporting system provides automated results to administrators instantaneously.

The EduGame Cloud platform makes it possible for meeting or webinar administrators to:

  • Deploy custom interactive and collaborative educational games in virtual meeting rooms
  • Make concepts more accessible and engaging
  • Foster increased participant attention and comprehension
  • Experience more effective and memorable communication with participants

Built by web technology training and development leader eSyncTraining, EduGame Cloud is the first Adobe Connect plugin to incorporate educational gamification into online learning. CTO/Architect at eSyncTraining, Mike Kollen, explains, "We are excited for the launch of EduGame Cloud because we feel it has the power to transform the way people are interacting and training across a wide variety of organizations. From education to corporate training, what meeting participant wouldn't prefer to compete against others or race to top of a leaderboard instead of just listening and taking notes?"

Jacqueline Beck, Senior VP of Training and Business Development, adds, "In any meeting, it can be a challenge to keep people alert and engaged - let alone when all of the participants are across the country in different locations. Presentations and lectures of the past just don't allow for enough immediate and collaborative interaction or feedback, so audiences get bored. By providing an easy way to get everyone involved and active, EduGame Cloud solves a problem that is universal across industries."

In support of the launch, ConnectExtensions will host series of limited-seating demonstration webinars before making the suite available to the public. Visit for more information or to download a free trial.

About ConnectExtensions:

ConnectExtensions is a member of the eSyncTraining family of companies. With development systems that include custom solutions for many of the world's largest companies, eSyncTraining has also developed mind-mapping, legal, closed captioning, and now education gaming software suites. eSyncTraining's clients are able to get more out of meetings and training sessions through more effective virtual interactions.

For more information on the EduGame Cloud suite, call 888.773.7962 or email

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