Navatar Group Releases Corporate Video Highlighting Cloud Computing in Financial Services

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Navatar Group (@navatargroup), the nation's leading cloud computing company for Wall Street, today announced the release of its corporate overview video, detailing its product offerings and industry leadership position in cloud computing for financial institutions.

The Navatar video is available on YouTube at:

In the video, Navatar customers and partners, including Leya Seka (Vice President, AppExchange at, Eric Starr (Partner, CapX Partners) and Bruce Cameron (CEO, Berkshire Capital), each provide testimony to the value of Navatar's cloud computing products.

Navatar provides out-of-the-box cloud products for asset management, investment banking, wealth management, private equity, mutual funds, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), hedge funds, funds of funds, real estate funds (PERE), corporate development, and venture capital.

The video also highlights Navatar Deal Connect, the global online marketplace for collaborating on middle market deals. Navatar Deal Connect is completely free for  buyers, sellers and intermediaries.

Live Demo

For an interactive demonstration of Navatar cloud CRM products, contact: (212) 863-9655, or   

About Navatar Group

Navatar Group (@navatargroup) is a premier provider of CRM and content management for financial services firms. Navatar's financial cloud solutions for asset management, wealth management, investment banking and capital markets are used by large and small firms in more than 30 countries, including PNC, Jefferies & Co, Cowen Group and Evercore Partners. Navatar's products are built on the Salesforce cloud platform and box content platform. 

The company's cloud products are hugely popular because they are:

  • Subscription based, so customers pay per seat, not by the hour.
  • Ready to deploy out-of-the-box. There is no need to hire systems integrators or consultants.
  • Fully supported by Navatar. Customers do not need IT staff.
  • Connected to data sources from third parties. Customers do not need to build integration.
  • Connected to custodians and broker/dealers. Customer's transactions and holdings' information are integrated.
  • Connected to networks of other financial firms. Customers can easily find other parties with whom they can do business.

SOURCE Navatar Group