Jitscale Says 'Migrate an Enterprise to the Cloud Gradually'

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The process of moving data to the cloud has unique challenges for enterprise businesses. That doesn't mean, however, that established companies shouldn't take advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers, according to cloud infrastructure provider Jitscale. Eelco van Beek, chief executive officer at Jitscale, explains that the advantages of the cloud for corporate enterprises include:

  • Higher flexibility
  • Lower start up costs
  • Performance and scaling when needed
  • Faster time to market, which gives an enterprise company the innovation power of a startup

van Beek and Jitscale offer these tips for migrating your enterprise applications to the cloud: 

1. Take a hybrid infrastructure approach
Instead of outsourcing your entire IT landscape to the cloud, find out which of your IT services are best suited to run in a public cloud infrastructure. There are several technologies that will enable you to create a connection between your in-house IT and services in the cloud.

2. Migrate in multiple phases
Move your applications into the cloud with as little modifications as possible. While you are getting used to running in the cloud you can start the next phase of rebuilding your applications to take full advantage of cloud computing technologies.

3. Know your options for licensing and support
Before you migrate commercial software with licensing and support models to the cloud you need to know if your software license allows this.

4. Check with your legal department
If you store privacy sensitive data or business critical information you need to make sure you still adhere to company regulations.

5. Find a cloud outsourcing partner you can trust
Try to find a partner who can provide you with objective insight into your current infrastructure. Define together which business needs will be critical for your infrastructure design.

"The cloud isn't the ultimate IT solution, but it can be a beneficial option when some parts of your business and IT need more flexibility, higher performance or more innovation power without the necessity of large one-off investments," said van Beek. "Following these tips will make it easier to take your enterprise business into the cloud."

Jitscale is an IT management organization that specializes in organizing, managing, and optimizing business-critical IT platforms. For more information on Jitscale, visit www.jitscale.com.

SOURCE Jitscale