Secucloud appoints former E-POST managing director Mark Rees as its new COO

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • October 6, 2016 1:14 PM BST

Agile leadership expert to reinforce the security firm’s management

Hamburg, Germany. 6 October 2016 – In the era of the internet of things, comprehensive protection for all internet-enabled devices is becoming increasingly challenging. The Hamburg-based IT security company Secucloud is responding to this situation with an innovative security concept for telcos and mobile operators that enables them to provide their customers with extensive protection for all their devices direct from the cloud. Secucloud is growing fast with this approach. On 22 September, Secucloud announced the appointment of the IT specialist Renzo Pecoraro to lead the development team – and it is now reinforcing the operations management side of the company as well. The company appointed the seasoned industry expert Mark Rees, an agile leadership specialist and former managing director of E-POST, at the beginning of September as chief operations officer (COO).

During the course of his career, Mark Rees has been managing director of E-POST Development GmbH in Berlin, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post. In that position, he led a team of over 200 staff in agile DevOps teams and had supervisory duties as well as complete budget responsibility for the IT security, DevOps, quality assurance, operations and user experience areas. In his new role as COO, Mark Rees brings to Secucloud his expertise in agile leadership, as well as his experience managing cross-functional IT organisations in the media and IT security industries.

“With its innovative security concept, Secucloud is delivering exactly the right response to security questions in this era of the internet of things – the response that customers need today to protect themselves efficiently from threats like phishing, ransomware and data espionage,” says Mark Rees. “This idea has huge potential, but it can only be fully leveraged with efficient and dynamic company operations. This is why I intend to use my management experience to steadily and systematically develop the company and drive the business forward.”

Security and cloud-based efficiency
Secucloud specialises in security for the internet of things. The company’s security mechanisms, which defend users against cybercrime and spying attempts, are located in the cloud and directly protect all the customer’s connected devices. As a cloud solution, no software installation or configuration is required and the solution updates itself automatically. Users benefit from security technologies that, until now, have only been available to large enterprises with plenty of financial muscle. Users also benefit from secucloud’s predictable subscription prices.