Green Key Technologies Launches Trader Voice Box: Cloud VoIP Software, Recording and Storage Capabilities for the Financial Mark

CHICAGO, Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Key Technologies, a financial markets technology solutions provider, announced today the launch of Trader Voice Box(SM), a suite of Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology applications leveraging cloud telecom and storage capabilities.


Trader Voice Box(SM) enables global financial market participants to rapidly set up and instantly speak on private, secure voice networks without hardware.  Communication takes place using a downloadable software client that is installed on the user's PC connecting over the internet into Green Key Technologies' cloud telecom infrastructure. From there, one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many encrypted channels are created to route voice data securely and efficiently around the globe.

"Financial markets communications are moving to hosted VoIP," Anthony Tassone, Chief Executive Officer for Green Key Technologies, said. "We offer voice connectivity, recording, storage and analysis in the cloud, which represents a dramatic cost reduction for financial firms while enabling compliance and disaster recovery mandates to be met."

"Trader Voice Box(SM) was created with Dodd-Frank financial industry legislation and new CFTC data capture and storage requirements in mind," James Falvey, General Counsel for Green Key Technologies, said. "The effective date for the oral recording to be in place at FCMs and IBs is December 21st, 2013."

Fully managed and supported, Trader Voice Box(SM) enables brokers and traders to rapidly set up multiple private voice communication channels without the need to purchase, setup or maintain hardware solutions.  Cloud recording, storage and analysis capabilities can also occur with legacy hardware turrets and phones as well.

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About Green Key Technologies:

Green Key Technologies provides VoIP software, recording, storage and analysis capabilities to the financial markets.  In addition, Green Key Technologies provides an internal quote management platform for brokers, designed specifically to facilitate block trading.

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