Generation Technologies Extends Cloud Service over Europe

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Nov. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Generation Technologies announced today that it has extended its cloud coverage over Europe in response to growing demand by US and European content holders to monetize their content internationally. This extension affords GTC's flagship service, NIMxchange®, increased performance for fast breaking, cross-Atlantic news, sports, and weather distribution.

NIMxchange solves the long-standing problem American and European content holders have had moving content between continents. The difficulty resides in the subtle differences in broadcast recording and transmission standards, which, prior to cloud-based transport and transcoding, were notoriously expensive and slow. "Too slow for news," says Annie Noland, General Manager of Generation Technologies. "Our customers are in the business of news -- be it hard news, soft news, sports, or weather. They require speed and immediacy that does not break the bank."

Now, NIMxchange does all the heavy lifting of translating back and forth between NTSC – the commercial broadcast standard used in North America – and PAL, the commercial broadcast standard used by most European broadcasters. "With NIMxchange, content holders don't have to worry about the complexities of a mixed NTSC/PAL distribution network. NIMxchange handles all the format conversions and transport. It just works," says Noland.

"Moving PAL transcoding, storage and archiving services from the US to Europe results in performance increases and cost savings to customers on both sides of the Atlantic" says Scott McLewin, Director of Development.  

About Generation Technologies

Generation Technologies has led the industry in the migration of television news and sports distribution from satellites to much less expensive and more diverse cloud-based technology. GTC's flagship product, NIMxchange, provides the means for large and small television networks to distribute content to affiliated networks and station groups via everyday desktop tools – web browsers and common plugins. No custom software or hardware is required.

NIMxchange currently delivers more than 10,000 minutes of video every day to stations and station groups, more than any other News CDN in the industry.

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