Cloud b Enforces Intellectual Property Rights Against Counterfeits

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloud b, Inc. announces success in the expansion of its worldwide campaign of enforcing its intellectual property rights against numerous sellers of counterfeits and infringements of its Cloud b products.

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Upon identifying a sudden increase of unauthorized copies of its award winning TWILIGHT TURTLE and TWILIGHT LADYBUG toys and books appearing in stores and on online seller websites worldwide, Cloud b expanded its monitoring and enforcement program in an effort to stop the sales of these infringing toys.  In response to consumer notifications and complaints about the counterfeits, Cloud b investigated the situations and filed formal reports regarding the consumer safety complaints, and insufficient testing standards and lack of labeling compliance by the counterfeit manufacturers with the European and U.S. Consumer Protection Agencies. 

Through these actions, Cloud b has drastically reduced the distribution of these counterfeits.  The company has concluded numerous settlements with and won lawsuits against the sellers of the infringing products in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and other countries. 

In particular, Cloud b discovered that Dansk Supermarked, a huge retail chain in Denmark, was selling unauthorized copies of the Cloud b TWILIGHT TURTLE toy.  Cloud b immediately had its local counsel in Denmark notify Dansk Supermarked of this infringement violation.  Cloud b prevailed in its enforcement and demands against Dansk Supermarked and settled with Dansk Supermarked for an undisclosed monetary payment to Cloud b.  Cloud b also required that Dansk Supermarked destroy its inventory and never again sell infringements of the Cloud b products. 

Cloud b has been highly successful in its anti-counterfeiting and infringement enforcement matters throughout the European Union and intends to increase its monitoring and enforcement activities.

In addition, Cloud b has worked with Customs offices worldwide and has had shipments of counterfeits confiscated and destroyed. These enforcement measures are important to Cloud b both to maintain the company's reputation built through its brand and products, and also to protect consumers from sub-standard and unsafe counterfeit products.

Cloud b intends to continue and further expand its anti-counterfeiting and enforcement activities worldwide and welcomes any information from consumers that will help Cloud b, the government and private consumer agencies keep potentially dangerous counterfeit products off the market and away from children.

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Freeman Public Relations 

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