Applitools Eyes - The First Cloud Service for Automated Visual Testing of Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications

TEL AVIV, Israel, November 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Applitools, innovators in Automated Visual Testing, has launched Applitools Eyes, the first Cloud Service for Automated Visual Testing of Web, Mobile and Desktop applications, based on proprietary Cognitive Vision technology.

Adam Carmi, Co-Founder and VP R&D of Applitools, started the development of Applitools Eyes as a result of his experience as an R&D manager in various companies. Adam recalls: "We couldn't find a test automation tool that validates the correctness of the GUI of applications we had developed. More often than not, testing the visual aspects of our apps was the bottleneck in achieving the desired customer satisfaction levels and product release deadlines. This challenge became even more critical when we had to test applications on various browsers and mobile devices, with differing screen-resolutions and form-factors." As a result of that experience Adam has developed Cognitive Vision algorithms that allow application developers and testers to bridge that gap and automate this process.

Gil Sever, Co-Founder and CEO of Applitools says: "In today's world, UI is the face of any application and a key to successful user experience (UX). Applications must look good on all web browsers and mobile devices in all screen-resolutions and form-factors. The tremendous evolution in modern app environments such as multi-browser, multi-device, Agile, Continuous Deployment and more, is posing new challenges to developers and testers which are not being answered by any of the existing functional test automation tools."

Applitools Eyes Cloud Service enables users to automate Visual Testing, and can be easily integrated with existing Functional Test Automation tools and ALM frameworks. Applitools Eyes integrates with Selenium, Appium, Coded UI, QTP and more, and can be added to automated tests written in any programing language.

Applitools Eyes has been previewed by testers, developers and industry experts, and has already received acclaim. Applitools offers free accounts for developers and testers of small apps and premium accounts for professional and enterprise users.

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