cVidya’s MoneyMap® Version 8 Receives TM Forum’s Business Metrics Automation Certification

With MoneyMap, CSPs can automatically compare their revenue assurance operation with the latest industry benchmark information

London, UK, October 29, 2013 - cVidya, a leading provider of Revenue Analytics solutions for communications and digital service providers, announced today that it has successfully completed TM Forum's Business Metrics Automation certification for revenue assurance. cVidya became the first supplier to be certified under this program in 2011.

TM Forum's Business Metrics Automation Certification program allows software suppliers to incorporate its standardized Business Metrics into products and solutions. This allows communications and digital service providers to automatically upload their metric data directly from their revenue assurance product into the TM Forum Business Benchmark Database. By receiving immediate and accurate industry benchmark results, they can improve their operations, eliminating the need to go through a long and cumbersome manual process. By participating in the Business Metrics Automation Certification program, software suppliers can be assured that their revenue assurance products interact securely with the TM Forum Business Benchmarking Database.

Any communication service provider (CSP) using cVidya's MoneyMap® with TM Forum's Business Metrics Automation capabilities can automatically collect and upload revenue assurance metrics data for comparison with other CSPs, and incorporate the results from the TM Forum Business Benchmarking Database into their dashboards.

Gadi Solotorevsky, cVidya’s CTO and TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Team Leader said: "We are delighted to have completed the Business Metrics Automation certification for our latest revenue assurance product. Executives can be sure that their strategic and operational activities and decisions are based on the most precise data available. The Business Metrics Automation program enables CSPs to have a wealth of accurate information accessible within their revenue assurance products which means that their revenue assurance teams can make better decisions and be more successful in achieving their goals."

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