PKWARE Introduces Viivo for Business to Provide Security, Visibility and Control of Corporate Files in the Public Cloud

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- PKWARE introduces Viivo for Business, software that secures sensitive files that are stored and shared in public cloud environments like Dropbox®, Box®, Microsoft SkyDrive® and Google™ Drive, while providing administrative visibility and control.


With Viivo for Business, companies gain visibility into data sharing and usage analytics for how public cloud storage services are used within the organization. Working with the public cloud, Viivo for Business empowers organizations with controls for data security and management of users and access.

"Public cloud providers have made sharing easy, but also dangerous. Businesses need a way to ensure security for employees working with sensitive files in the cloud while also providing traditional IT controls and visibility," said Jim Lewis, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at PKWARE. "Viivo for Business gives professionals strong security for collaboration in the cloud without changing user workflow."

Viivo encrypts sensitive data before it is stored and shared in the public cloud, eliminating the risk of exposure. Built with ZIP compression, Viivo reduces file size by up to 95%, enabling faster cloud synchronization and decreasing storage costs.

The public cloud makes sharing simple. Viivo makes it secure. Try Viivo for free.

Viivo for Business provides security, improves performance and enables administrative visibility and control with:

  • Security for the cloud: Files are secured at the source with strong encryption and authentication, protecting data from hackers, breaches and user error.
  • Visibility into cloud usage: The Viivo for Business administrative console provides cloud usage reports, audits and monitoring for cloud connections to business systems.
  • Sync and share in major public clouds: Viivo for Business automatically syncs and shares with public cloud services like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and Drive.
  • Meet compliance standards like FIPS: Viivo uses FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic algorithms for encryption and decryption operations on Windows®, Mac® and iOS®.
  • Reduce storage space and costs: Data compression of up to 95% happens before files are shared in the cloud, resulting in efficient storage and cost savings.
  • Direct customer support: Viivo for Business comes with full-time online and phone support.
  • Access from any operating system: Secure access to documents on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android®.

Viivo for Business is the commercial-grade version of Viivo that is already in use for securely storing and sharing sensitive files in the public cloud.

Viivo for Business is available immediately. Current Viivo users can update to the latest version here or upgrade to Viivo for Business at:

Contact for media inquiries and product info: Susan Gosnell, Marketing Communications Manager (414) 221-6846


PKWARE connects security with performance, helping businesses protect and maximize as data as it moves from mainframe to servers to desktops and into the cloud. We created the ZIP file standard in 1986 and continue to provide innovative solutions in use by more than 30,000 global customers for billions of documents every day. Our latest innovation, Viivo, brings security, control and visibility to documents as they're shared and stored in the public cloud.

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