Calzone, the Free Cloud-Based Calendar for the Domain Name Industry, Announces Enrollment of Top-Level Domain Applicants for Bet

BOSTON, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Calzone ( ), a free cloud-based calendar for the domain name industry, announced today that it is enrolling TLD applicants for its Beta test period. 

The Internet is about to undergo a sea change as new top-level domain (TLDs) extensions start rolling out. ICANN, the group responsible for approving these new extensions, has a backlog of over 1,200 new extensions ready to introduce themselves to Internet users, including dot-Guru, dot-Sport, dot-Fishing, and dot-NYC. Hundreds of these new extensions are expected to launch in 2014 alone. 

Keeping track of the launch of these extensions is expected to overwhelm businesses and trademark professionals trying to determine which TLDs they should register domain names in and which ones they should ignore. The free Calzone calendar will consolidate the launch activities of the Internet's TLDs into a cloud-based calendar and help bring structure and management to what will be, for many, a chaotic situation.

"Even for domain name industry insiders like myself, the coming tidal wave of new extensions will be difficult to manage," says Calzone creator Tom Barrett. "The Calzone calendar is a tool that will benefit brand owners and anyone else who needs to keep track of the new top-level domain extensions launching on the Internet."

Once it launches, users can browse the public calendar at or subscribe to receive updates to their smartphone, tablet or PC via any online calendar, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live and Yahoo. Subscribers may also utilize filters so that users can choose to track individual TLDs or subsets by category, such as Food & Drink, by launch phase, such as Sunrise Period, or even by IDN language script, such as Russian or Chinese.

The Calzone calendar will publish each new TLDs' Start-up Plan, including the start date and duration of the Sunrise Period for trademark owners and other launch phases. After the launch phases have concluded, TLD Operators can then continue to publish on-going news and events via the Calzone calendar to continue recruitment of new resellers and further engage their target customers.

All TLD applicants and Registry operators are invited to join the service so they can establish their presence in the Calzone calendar and submit current news and marketing activities targeting both potential ICANN Registrars and registrants. After a brief Beta period, access to the Calzone calendar will be opened to the general public, including brand owners, trademark professionals and anyone else interested in tracking the launch of the new TLDs.

To enroll and receive an invitation to try out the service, please visit

About Calzone
The Internet database of top-level domains is called the "Root Zone File." There are currently over 300 top-level domain extensions in the Root Zone. This number will swell in the coming weeks and is expected to grow to well over 1,000 in the next 12-18 months. This growth presents challenges for everyone involved: from TLD applicants and registries, ICANN Registrars, brand owners and trademark professionals. The Calzone calendar helps users manage this process by synchronizing their personal calendars on smartphones and other devices.  Visit for more information.

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