IntelTransForm BSS consultancy launched amid significant demand for expertise in mediation

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- IntelTransForm (ITF), an expert  boutique consultancy focused on helping Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to address their data-related challenges, today announces its corporate launch. With sales offices on the east coast and a technology headquarters in Silicon Valley, ITF will focus on meeting the consultancy, project management, and systems integration requirements of CSPs, particularly in relation to mediation.

Service providers today need highly optimized platforms that can deliver fully processed usage data to downstream applications in less time and at lower costs in order to manage their businesses profitably. Expertise is needed to evaluate which platforms can best help them to meet their goals and then to implement their chosen solutions. As proven mediation experts, ITF will advise which data transformation alternatives offer value and then help to implement successful deployments.

Said Steve Shipley CEO: "We have launched an exciting boutique consultancy onto the cresting Big Data wave. A casual glance at the media will quickly demonstrate that big data is the question on everybody's lips but the need for help in maximizing its value is presently being met by generalists, not experts."

Shipley continued: "The IntelTransForm team brings to bear years of experience gained very specifically in the area of mediation and data transformation. Complex Event Processing, Extract, Transfer, Load and other data-related challenges are central to us. We offer service providers a unique value proposition and can provide unrivalled assistance to those in the North and Latin American markets in optimally addressing their data-related challenges."

About IntelTransForm:

IntelTransForm (ITF) is a consulting services company specializing in data transformation solutions. Our solutions transform records (such as raw and disparate usage events) from any source into actionable commercial transaction intelligence. This Transaction Intelligence is immediately actionable through applications such as:

* Billing

* Analytics (Big Data)

* Production/operational assurance

* Customer experience management

IntelTransForm's value lies in a proven approach that reduces IT operating costs, time-to-market for new products and the Total Cost of Ownership of the end-to-end solution.

SOURCE IntelTransForm