CrowdComputing Systems Integrates Twilio's Cloud Communications Technology to Facilitate US Small Business Data Collection

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CrowdComputing Systems (CCS), provider of the leading cloud workforce management platform, has integrated Twilio's cloud telephony API to improve the process of data collection for small business directories.  Gathering and updating records for nearly 30 million SMBs is cost- and time-prohibitive for information providers. The unique pairing of technologies from CCS and Twilio expedites and improves the process by inventively combining automation, machine learning and crowdsourced workers.

CCS's WorkFusion™ SaaS platform turns business processes into cloud-based workflows and manages automation, crowdsourced workers and users' employee experts to complete them. Twilio's platform enables phone calls and SMS texts to be made by computers. WorkFusion leverages Twilio's platform to call a small business after hours and record its voicemail greeting. Its algorithms transcribe the business name and other information from the greeting to compare with data on record. WorkFusion either validates the accuracy of the record or updates it with new data and uses workers drawn from open talent exchanges (such as Amazon Mechanical Turk) to handle steps that cannot be automated.

"The functionality provided by CCS combined with Twilio's technology offers information vendors a scalable process to build and update records on millions of small businesses, and enables SMBs to be more searchable and findable to prospective consumers," said Max Yankelevich, Co-Founder and CEO, CCS.

"The CCS WorkFusion platform combined with Twilio's reliable, scalable, and low-cost communications platform in the cloud provides customers an enterprise-class solution that can be quickly and easily leveraged by businesses of any size," said Bobby Napiltonia, Chief Revenue Officer, Twilio. "CCS has created an easily accessible software solution to what was previously a very time intensive and costly process for businesses."

The CCS-Twilio end-to-end solution is already used by several leading data vendors.

About CrowdComputing Systems

CrowdComputing Systems provides the leading crowd computing platform. The company's SaaS platform provides a high quality, on-demand, elastic workforce by combining and managing automation tools, crowdsourced workers and a user's employee experts (ACE) into cloud-based workflows. The human-machine hybrid solution delivers quality, efficiency, speed and scale impossible solely with in-house or outsourced workforces.  Born out of MIT research in 2010, CCS is a privately held company headquartered in New York City.

Karen Hopp

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