LINX Member Announcement: Mid-Year Price Reductions 2016

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • July 19, 2016 12:26 PM BST
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LINX To Reduce The Cost Of Peering In London For The Second Time In Seven Months

London 19th July 2016 - LINX, the leading European provider of Internet interconnect services, today announced that it is to significantly reduce its port fees on its two London networks for the second time in just seven months. This continues LINX's policy of driving down costs for its members which has seen prices reduced year-on-year for a decade.

LINX CEO, John Souter, said: “The reduction in pricing follows an extensive review of our LON2 infrastructure which began in November last year. This was in preparation of a major network upgrade and we are now far enough into that process to be sure we have a path to a future technical solution at a significantly lower cost.”

LINX has two diverse London networks, known simply as LON1 and LON2. As of Monday 1st August a connection to LINX's LON2 network will be cut by 40% to less than half of current LON1 pricing. LON1 prices will drop by 10%.

The two London LANs provide LINX members with an extra level of fault tolerance, the logic being that both systems shouldn't develop the same fault at the same time.

Souter continued, "As a mutual, our customers are also the owners of the company, which means that our entire focus is on improving the network and providing better value for them. We will continue to re-invest in the network and bring costs down for our members, as we have for over twenty years. Because we are a mutual, we do not have to compromise this commitment in order to pay shareholder dividends".

Also lowering its prices is LINX's regional exchange, IXManchester. IXManchester is the UK's largest Internet Exchange outside of London and its port fees will also be cut to match those of the new LON2 pricing.

Full details of all LINX fees can be found on the LINX website: