Inspur Wins China Telecom's Big Central Purchase Order Again

BEIJING, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- At the end of June, China Telecom published the bid result of 2016 Central IT Equipment Purchase of General Negotiation and Separate Contracts. Thousands of two-socket, four-socket, eight-socket, computing and big data customization servers provided by Inspur will be used to host various key applications of China Telecom. The bid amount was close to 300 million RMB. With the exception of the large-scale selections of two-socket server NF5270M4 and four-socket server NF8460M3 that were popular in telecommunication industry, the high-end server TS860 of Inspur obtained a 70% share in the eight-socket server bid section. 

China Telecom is global large-scale telecommunication enterprise and has been featured in "World Top 500" for many years in succession. It has a telecommunication network that covers primarily China but expands worldwide. As one of the most mature companies in the IT industry, throughout the years, China Telecom has formed a centralized IT equipment purchase operation mode and set strict standards for the server product testing, bidding and purchase flow.

The two kinds of customized servers provided by Inspur to China Telecom are especially suitable for the operators to build application environments such as cloud computing platform, distributive storage, big data platform. The two-socket rack server SA5212M4 is compatible in computing and storage, mounted with Intel's brand-new E5 v4 platform and new-generation DDR4 internal storage, with 4 small hard disks on the basis of 2U12 disk station – providing maximum storage space and flexibility. The high-density modularity server I4008 arranges 8 computing node modules in 4U height and is featured with high performance, low power consumption, requires only easy maintenance and group management, and is designed for the distributive business system of application modes – such as cloud computing. It is the ideal choice for telecom industry and other large-scale enterprises.

In recent years, Inspur's servers earned continual rising shares in the operator market and has been included in the central purchase of the three largest operators, namely China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. The accumulated supply quantity in the operator market in 2015 has exceeded 30%. According to Gartner's 2016 Q1 data, the Inspur server has continually remained first in the Chinese market, of which the four-socket server has ranked the first in global market for consecutive two quarters. The delivery quantity of the eight-socket server increased by 31% on a year-on-year basis, ranking the first in Chinese market for ten consecutive quarters.

SOURCE Inspur Group Co., Ltd.