DevOps: Enabling Telecom's Programmable Future

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DevOps: Enabling Telecom's Programmable Future


One of the most laudable characteristics of people who work in technology-based industries is the inherent tendency to ask, "What's next?" Currently on the telecom horizon are programmable, virtual, software-driven networks. The question that naturally follows—a question often left unspoken until the adrenal rush from new ideas has subsided—is: "How are we going to get there?" In response, white papers are written, proofs of concepts are created and conducted, standards are developed and debated, trials are run and rerun, competition ensues, and then reality begins to set in. The harshest reality for technology companies is that creating technology solutions is sometimes the easy part. Harder are the processes that must change to match the new technology, as well as new demands from the marketplace. Perhaps the most difficult of all—cultural change—must be made for businesses to succeed.

The path to the future requires each area of change to occur simultaneously, which means that new approaches to transformation must be applied. The more radical and complex the shift to "what's next," the more tightly these changes must be orchestrated. There has never been a more radical, complex transformation in telecom than the one the industry is embarking on today with virtualization and digital services. Since the virtualization of technology appears to be relatively straightforward, and is beyond the scope of Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM), Stratecast will focus this paper on how transformational process and cultural change is being achieved. One increasingly popular method for spearheading transformation is the adoption and application of DevOps principles. DevOps, short for "development and operations," is another in a string of best practices and methodologies adopted by telecom from the IT/Data Center community.

DevOps, as it is applied to telecom, is a tool for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to achieve the agility necessary to compete in the digital services future. DevOps can do so by enabling collaboration and automation among third-party developers and internal CSP operations and IT personnel, planning and engineering departments, and support teams and systems. Stratecast believes that DevOps will be the last methodology that telecom operations adopt before ceasing to be the telecom operations we now recognize. Its incorporation into the business, management, and monetization of communications service delivery will be the final stage of metamorphosis that erases the distinction between operations and IT, as they become one.
This report explains why DevOps is gaining popularity among engineers, operations managers and business leaders within the CSPs. The report also explores how DevOps is essential to the full realization of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Finally, the report shows how one supplier, Ciena, is employing g its Blue Planet Orchestration platform and DevOps Toolkit to help CSPs move down this path.

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