Trillium Inc secures Series A finance, Global Brain is Lead Investor

Trillium has developed the anti-car hacking technology SecureCAR for protecting the in-vehicle networks (IVN) of automobiles and other transportation equipment.

TOKYO, July 4, 2016 - (JCN Newswire) - Japan-based Trillium Inc, an automotive IoT cybersecurity startup, has secured Series A funding with Global Brain as lead investor. Global Brain and Trillium expect to close the round soon after with the addition of several tier1, strategic investors.

Trillium has developed the anti-car hacking technology SecureCAR for protecting the in-vehicle networks (IVN) of automobiles and other transportation equipment from cyber attack using advanced encryption, authentication and key management technologies.

The proceeds of the current funding will be used to accelerate field testing of the company's technology in commercial vehicles, expand the breadth of collaboration with automotive OEM and Tier1 manufacturers and extend its technologies and solutions to adjacent industrial markets in need of IoT cybersecurity.

"Trillium SecureCAR technology solves the cybersecurity problems that have challenged the automotive industry for many years. The combination of Public Key cryptography and dynamic session key management creates a highly entropic environment, which is resilient against known attack methods," says Dr. Sachio Semmoto, Founder of DDI and eAccess, and Chairman of Trillium Inc.

Yasuhiko Yurimoto, President and CEO of Global Brain, said, "In the past year, North American and European markets have been very aggressive with regard to M&A investments in automotive related technologies including cybersecurity and autonomous driving. We expect this trend to continue and intensify." 

"Trillium is an example of a company we have discovered that has the critical combination of an experienced leadership team, brilliant engineering talent, and a technology vision-business model combination carefully architected to achieve great success in the international marketplace."

"In this age of connected cars and semi-autonomous/autonomous driving, automotive cybersecurity is as important as seat belts and airbags," says David M. Uze, President and CEO of Trillium Inc. "Trillium's passion is to protect the lives, property and privacy of drivers, passengers and the public by making connected cars 'cyber'-safe."

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Established in July 2014, Trillium Inc is engaged in the development of advanced IoT and automotive cybersecurity software technology including lightweight encryption, authentication, cryptographic key management, IDS/IPS and secure OTA software update technology. Trillium will expand its target markets to include cybersecurity for robotics, factory automation, medical, aerospace and other transportation systems. Please visit 


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