DockMaster Cruises to the Cloud with Zumasys

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Zumasys, a leading provider of cloud computing and infrastructure solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, announced today that Exuma Technologies, a leading producer of management software for the marine and RV industries, has released its feature-rich DockMaster software as a service on the Zumasys Cloud platform.

In 2010, the company began exploring Cloud computing as a way to provide enhanced features and capabilities, improved security, and simplified administration—all at an affordable cost.

"Cloud computing is more than just a trend, it's a huge opportunity that can enable us to offer a better product at a lower cost to our customers," says Cam Collins, CEO of Exuma Technologies.

Exuma began its transition to the Cloud in 2011 with a local Cloud service provider and quickly reached the limits of what its service provider could offer. Exuma required greater support for its D3 database and self-service access to its environment so that it could respond instantly to changing customer needs.

Exuma selected Zumasys because of its deep expertise in D3 and long history of helping customers modernize their legacy D3 applications. "Zumasys really has the experience with VMware and Pick that we needed and more experience with moving companies like ours into the Cloud," says James Mantrozos, Head of IT for Exuma. "It was really a no brainer at that point."

Hosted in the SuperNAP data center in Las Vegas, the Zumasys Cloud offers Exuma and its customers the highest levels of physical and logical security available, making customer data much safer in the Cloud than if it were kept on site at a marina or RV dealership. The new Cloud environment also enables customers to run graphics-heavy applications without having them locally installed. "Screens load faster, response times are quicker, and customers are happier," explains Mantrozos.

For Exuma, the new partnership means increased control and flexibility and faster software development cycles. Exuma has also greatly reduced costs with a streamlined infrastructure that minimizes licensing and server requirements—savings that it passes on to its customers.

Zumasys' focus on developing strategic partnerships with ISVs looking to move to the Cloud has made it the perfect fit for Exuma. More than just a vendor, Zumasys has become an extension of Exuma's team. "Our cultures are really very similar," adds Collins. "We both want to make IT as affordable and easy to use as possible so our customers can focus on what they do best."

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About Exuma Technologies:

Exuma Technologies pioneered the marine management software industry, deploying DockMaster®, the first marine management system, in 1983. They continue to be an industry leader, producing mobile applications that allow marine employees to stay connected in the field and other state of the art management solutions. Today, Exuma continues to bring innovative and user-friendly products to the marine industry by designing customer focused solutions.

About Zumasys:

Zumasys helps companies of every size transition their infrastructure and applications to the Cloud. With Zumasys Cloud services, customers can easily access the latest software and hardware technologies over the Web allowing them to focus on growing their core business instead of managing their IT infrastructure. Zumasys delivers personalized service, integrated disaster recovery and the confidence companies need to outsource the hosting all of their applications, including legacy systems. Zumasys was one of the first Cloud providers to offer a VMware® vCloud® Powered hosting platform built on NetApp® storage. Zumasys is headquartered in Irvine, CA.

Yvette Castro, Executive Marketing Associate

SOURCE Zumasys