AuthMailer Offers the Leading Cloud-Based Solution for True Privacy of Email Communications

TAMPERE, Finland, Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AuthMailer, the premier cloud-based email service for individuals and businesses, today released added information on its advanced security measures and scalable email solutions. Designed to provide true privacy for commercial and personal communications, AuthMailer has implemented strong encryption to defeat most interception and intrusion attempts. Because the AuthMailer servers are located outside the U.S., clients can enjoy a higher degree of protection against unwanted governmental access to privileged, proprietary or private email communications.

The encryption process begins at the AuthMailer servers; these advanced cloud computing locations use a default encryption of 256-bit AES. At every step of the email's online journey, AuthMailer creates the most secure encryption conditions possible to prevent unauthorized access by government agencies, hackers and competitors in the corporate world. Although security measures cannot be guaranteed once email leaves the server environment, AuthMailer represents the most secure option for U.S. residents and companies in the email industry. Because AuthMailer controls the server environment, it can ensure advanced encryption and reduced potential for unauthorized access to email communications.

The AuthMailer cloud email service is scalable to meet ongoing personal and business needs. AuthMailer Personal is specifically designed to serve mobile users by providing affordable email access from anywhere with a direct or Wi-Fi Internet connection; this basic level of service provides up to 1,000 emails per month for a low annual cost of less than $10

For businesses, AuthMailer offers private and reliable email services that can be upgraded to meet expanding needs; for instance, the AuthMailer Small Business email solution allows up to 10,000 emails per month at an extremely affordable annual cost. AuthMailer Large is intended for use by organizations that regularly send large quantities of email in the course of their normal business activities. Companies can start out with 100,000 emails each month and increase this limit by 100,000 email increments to create a secure solution that is right-sized for changing organizational needs. 

The AuthMailer cloud email system is fully redundant to ensure maximum protection for valuable data and privileged information in both the personal and business communications environments.

About AuthMailer:

AuthMailer is a leading provider of encrypted and secure cloud email services. With servers located and maintained in Finland, AuthMailer allows companies and individuals to enjoy optimal privacy and to opt out of government intrusion and inspection of email communications. 

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