Cloud EHR Provider Royal Solutions Group Deploys CPOE, HIE-as-a-Service and Patient Portal for Brio San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Royal Solutions Group LLC, provider of EHR-as-a-Service solutions to the Healthcare industry, recently deployed Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) coupled with its well-established Patient Portal and HIE-as-a-service model at Brio San Antonio, a diagnostic imaging center in San Antonio, TX. The Report Guard® product is the backbone of the HIE platform, working behind the scenes to connect to external EMR systems without the use of a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. Royal Solutions Group CMO, Rafal Pisarski says: "Eliminating the necessity for VPN eliminates cost and maintenance, as well as a common point-of-failure between interoperable systems.  When your VPN fails, your communication fails. Much like financial systems today, patient medical information cannot afford downtime." Royal's centralized connectivity options now expedite communication, automate workflows between systems and allow for information sharing that was otherwise a manual process. This combination of security, software innovation, flexible integration with existing workflows and a wide range of information management options deliver unbeatable ROI and interoperability.

Customer Quote

"Royal Solutions Group has a revolutionary approach to interoperability. Establishing and maintaining connections to our many clients is expensive and time consuming. Royal's various modules have greatly reduced our connectivity costs and have streamlined our workflows. The Royal team is responsive, creative and expert in the field." – Mark Jones, Director of Radiology – Brio San Antonio

Customer Benefits

  • Simplified Integration – Royal worked with Brio to centralize the point of contact between all systems.
  • Rapid deployment – Time to design, integrate and test is significantly accelerated through Royal's flexible deployment model resulting in almost immediate conception, planning and implementation.
  • Eliminate Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Connectivity is secured by an encryption and connection engine, Report Guard®, which leverages the strength of the world-wide-web and eliminates the use of VPN – ensuring a more stable connection.
  • Trusted Patient Portal – The Royal Kiosks™ Patient Portal provides a mature platform for reminders, preregistration, education, payments and portal functions at a fraction of the cost – making Meaningful Use attestation easy.

About Brio San Antonio

Salubrio LLC is the parent company for Brio San Antonio. Salubrio LLC specializes in weight-bearing Open Tiltable MRI™ scanners (Esaote G-Scan Brio MRI scanner).  Salubrio is a Latin based term meaning "Enthusiastically Promoting Good Health." Salubrio LLC is a Nevada based company committed to providing weight-bearing MRI to all people that experience pain while standing or weight-bearing.

Launching Brio San Antonio

Salubrio LLC is pleased to announce opening of Brio San Antonio. Although a similar technology has been available in Europe for 5 years, Brio San Antonio is the first weight-bearing MRI in the USA installed by Esaote USA.

The Royal Treatment

The spring 2013 issue of Inside Healthcare magazine features Royal Solutions in an article titled "The Royal Treatment."  Royal Solutions Group is recognized for its agility, ingenuity and value it provides.  The article give insight into the unique approach they have for conducting business and forging strong relationships.

About Royal Solutions Group

Royal Solutions Group is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EHR solutions to the Health Care industry.  Royal Forms™ for electronic forms, Royal Kiosks™ for patient registration and portal, Royal Letters™ for email and text notifications, Royal MD™ for practice and referral management and Report Guard® for encryption, connectivity, and interoperability services.  Along with its products and services, Royal Solutions Group owns and operates its Health Information Exchange (HIE), which is responsible for the centralization of data and connectivity-ease with third party systems. Royal Solutions Group is How Information Moves.

Headquartered in New York, NY, Royal serves a broad range of clients across North America.  We offer solution centric approaches to Integrating Technology, enabling Meaningful Use and Optimizing Processes.  Visit and for more information.

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