Neat® Announces General Availability of NeatConnect, Industry's First Direct-to-Cloud Touchscreen Scanner

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Neat®, a leader in Digital Filing Systems for the small business and consumer markets, today announced the general availability of NeatConnect®, a cloud scanner and Digital Filing System, that makes it easier than ever to scan directly to the cloud.  NeatConnect is the first wireless scanner to include direct-to-cloud capabilities with a sleek, integrated touchscreen interface.   

NeatConnect provides small businesses and consumers with the ability to scan and share documents, receipts and business cards directly with NeatCloud®.  Scanning directly to NeatCloud ensures documents go through optical character recognition (OCR) and Neat's patented parsing technology enabling crucial functions such as keyword search, the creation of expense and tax reports and the ability to export information easily.  Users can also access other preferred cloud services without being tethered to a computer or requiring an intermediate device or software application.  

"Customer demand for simple solutions that turn paper into digital information and make it easy to store, access and share from the cloud has never been greater," said Jim Foster, chief executive officer of Neat. "NeatConnect is a revolutionary, new device that enables you to go from paper-to-mobile in seconds and it will greatly accelerate the adoption of cloud and mobile solutions, such as NeatCloud."  

NeatConnect includes:

  • Intuitive touchscreen Interface - makes it easy to select cloud or email destinations and quickly turn paper into digital information
  • Multiple user settings - accommodates the needs of small businesses and consumers
  • Integrated Wi-Fi antenna - allows users to situate NeatConnect in a place that best serves their workflow and lifestyle – a common area in the office or at home in a place where paper and mail tends to pile up.
  • Scan to NeatCloud and email - scan directly to NeatCloud and also send documents via email directly from the device
  • Scan to Cloud Storage Services - with easy set-up, scan directly to SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive and other leading cloud services
  • Additional Scan locations - scan wirelessly to FTP, direct to SD Card, and direct to desktop computers via USB with included software

Available for purchase at and in Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max and Staples locations nationwide.  NeatConnect is part of Neat's comprehensive cloud-based Digital Filing System, which consists of Neat's industry-leading desktop software platform; the company's popular scanning solutions NeatDesk® and NeatReceipts®; and its cloud service and mobile app, NeatCloud®.  NeatConnect includes a three month subscription for two users to NeatCloud all for $499.95.  The included NeatCloud subscription offers customers access to Neat's iOS and Android app, the ability to access, share and sync the information in their Digital Filing System across all of their devices, locate information stored in other cloud services, add up to five users to an account, and utilize additional customer service features.

To experience NeatConnect first-hand, please watch this overview video that details the available features and functions.

About Digital Filing Systems 
A Digital Filing System is a desktop, cloud and mobile system where important documents and information can be safely stored, organized, accessed and shared.  The information can originate from analog (paper) or digital formats (PDF, JPEG, etc.) and be placed in the Digital Filing System by scanning, emailing, mobile device image capture or uploading.

About Neat®
Neat® is the leading developer of Digital Filing Systems for the small business and home markets.  Neat's unique combination of cloud, mobile, desktop software, and hardware scanning solutions transform important documents into usable digital information.  Neat's comprehensive Digital Filing System helps you organize, access, and share both paper and digital documents simplifying everyday tasks so you have more time to do what matters.  Neat's solutions consist of NeatConnect®, NeatDesk®, NeatReceipts®, NeatCloud®, NeatVerify® and NeatScan®.  Learn more at