Net3 Technology Unveils Customizable Cloud Solution For The Education Market

GREENVILLE, S.C., Oct. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- THE SOUTH CAROLINA EDTECH CONFERENCE -- Net3 Technology, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based managed services and data center platforms, today announced its Palmetto Virtual Data Center (PvDC) Education Pod, an education only cloud services delivery product designed by Net3, which includes production servers, testing and development, disaster recovery, file mobility, and business recovery services.  This solution is one of the first of it's kind dedicated to providing the education market with a secure cloud environment that allows school districts and higher education institutions to affordibly address the ever growing challenge of increased hardware costs, IT expertise/staffing to manage solutions and the ability to protect sensitive data.  The solution can save academic institutions and administrations hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted budget.

Net3 gives academic institutions the ability to extend the boundaries of cloud computing in education by maximizing the available budgets, while creating IT efficiencies, scalability, and compatibility with multiple hardware platforms.  The PvDC Education Pod offers a segmented environment that is solely dedicated to education accounts. This translates for academic institutions by ensuring that sensitive data isn't accessible through various measures including an on-premise and off-premise data center set up. This targeted solution lowers infrastructure expenditures, reduces internal hardware, which can increase costs such as maintenance and upkeep and software requirements. Ultimately, the PvDC education pod has had the ability to decrease some client's IT budgets by hundreds of thousands of dollars and has already made one Net3 client a recognized innovative college for it's IT excellence.

"School districts and academic institutions find keeping up with emerging technology a constant struggle, particularly due to budget constraints and security concerns," said Hudson Denney, founding partner of Net3 Technology.  "The proliferation of cloud computing within the IT organization is only increasing and the District Administration Leadership Institute reported that 90 percent of K-12 institutions were relying on or implementing cloud technology for the 2012 – 2013 academic year.  The burden of creating affordable solutions for the education market, is a growing concern, as the cloud environment isn't something you just plug in or turn on and it all works.  We're bringing this PvDC education solution to market to address the growing need."

District CIOs are under increasing pressure to cut costs and keep up with the latest technology trends - implementing a cloud solution can be an easy fix, nevertheless, implementations can be pricey and security is a particular concern, specifically regarding student information.   These are challenges shared with CIOs everywhere regardless of whether they are from the education market or a large or small corporation, healthcare industry, financial institutions, and or a state or local government.  Net3 partners with companies like Cisco, EMC, HP, Actifio, Tintri, and VMware to develop a customized cloud suite that provides the solutions to these challenges. 

The South Carolina EdTech Conference, held in Greenville on October 9 – 11, is designed to showcase the latest and greatest educational technology solutions. The company will be exhibiting at Booth # 333.

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Availability and Sales

The product will be available immediately. Pricing starts at $58 for a 1 GB Server.

About Palmetto Virtual Data Center

Palmetto Virtual Data Center (PvDC) is one of the most advanced data center platforms available.  It enables companies to reallocate resources to a hybrid or private cloud via a unified platform that ensures performance, scalability, and security at a reduced cost to most solutions on the market.  Unlike larger data center suppliers that rely on commodity hardware, PvDC was built with scalability, flexibility, and ease of use in mind.  Customers also have the ability to provision and control their own environments or to allow Net3 to manage them.

About Net3 Technology, Inc.

Net3 Technology, Inc. is a technology consultancy that provides cloud-based managed services, providing its customers with best in class IT solutions that are effective and cost efficient.  The company is known for providing customers with big business support and services with a small company personalized approach, and ensuring every client gets the service and solutions that best fit its IT infrastructure needs. Net3 is based in Greenville, S.C. and services major organizations across the Southeastern United States, in industries including education, professional services, manufacturing and government. For more information, please visit our website:

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