Interoute delivers rapid 100G deployment in Central and Eastern Europe for Sofia Connect

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • May 11, 2016 11:15 AM BST

Dynamic 2x100G transport network deployed from Bulgaria to Germany within three weeks.

London, 11 May 2016 - Interoute, owner operator of one of Europe's largest most advanced networks and a global cloud services platform has today announced the deployment of 2x100G services within a three week period for Sofia Connect, a leading wholesale carrier based in Bulgaria acting as a gateway provider, linking carriers from the Balkans, Caucasus region and the Middle East to western Internet hubs.

Interoute provides Sofia Connect with a fully diverse network service from Sofia, Bulgaria to Frankfurt, Germany through some of the major network hubs (including Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague and Munich) on its advanced pan European network. Interoute designed and packaged a solution for Sofia Connect within three days and thanks to its established global footprint and commercial agility, Interoute was also able to guarantee and then deliver the solution within just three weeks helping Sofia Connect to manage the surging traffic on the Caucasus Cable System across the Black Sea.

Network infrastructure is the engine room of the economy underpinning connectivity, communication, and commerce. Interoute’s Unified Transport portfolio brings together diverse platforms and technologies to provide Data Centre interconnects or inter-site connectivity. Ranging from simple point to point services, to more complex multipoint Carrier Ethernet solutions, as well as direct connectivity to Interoute’s cloud offering, Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) and other Cloud providers.

Yuliy Nushev, Managing Director and owner at Sofia Connect, commented: “We have worked with Interoute for four years and our relationship continues to flourish. Interoute consistently produces innovate services and is able to commit to deliver complex solutions over short lead times, which is exactly what we needed. Speed and flexibility are vital for our operations and at all stages of the deployment we were confident that these commitments would be met.”

Renzo Ravaglia, EVP Service Provider at Interoute said: “To continue our work with Sofia Connect and meet their delivery objectives is something we are very proud of. This reiterates Interoute’s strong position in the CEE region. We have a dynamic 100G transport network that can service the evolving demands of the telecommunications market, not only in terms of capacity and technology but also in terms of rapid delivery.”