Atlantis Telecom Credits PortaSwitch For Its Place At Front Of "New Wave" Of Ukraine Telecom Innovation

PortaOne's Billing/Softswitch Platform Allows Kiev-Based Telecom to Outperform Traditional PBX Operators on Multiple Fronts, Says Company's General Director

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In a fast-changing and growing market, the best way to compete is to move away from the status quo. Innovation, driven by a close examination of unmet customer needs, allows smart companies to discover their niche and succeed.

Atlantis Telecom is just this type of innovative operator. With 10 years of experience in the Ukrainian telecommunications market, Atlantis Telecom's solutions unite people, increase business efficiency and allow customers to quickly solve business problems by adapting to their specific requirements. The company's solutions help to reduce costs and simplify the management of business processes, enabling people to work and communicate at any time, regardless of location.

In 2010, Atlantis Telecom was looking for an advanced Internet telephony platform that would allow it to further expand its IP PBX services to businesses, as well as to add to its Value-Added Services (VAS) for business and residential customers. Finding a platform with open architecture that offered reliability, a high level of security, and exceptional scalability was a tall order—one that Atlantis Telecom ultimately filled with the PortaSwitch softswitch/billing solution from PortaOne.

"We realized that PortaSwitch would give us the flexibility we needed not only to differentiate ourselves, but also to provide new profit opportunities," stated Oleh Kopiika, Atlantis Telecom's General Director. "With PortaSwitch we could support IP PBX in the cloud plus a wide range of VAS, client and vendor management and a lot more."

PortaSwitch, PortaOne's flagship product, is engineered to meet the needs of Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) of all sizes. The platform provides the means to deliver not only converged billing, provisioning and SIP call control, but also a wide range of valuable customer-facing solutions such as including unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, callback management, IVRs and conferencing.

Since its adoption of PortaSwitch, Atlantis Telecom has been able to significantly expand its menu of telecom services. "Now we offer a range of VAS by default in our monthly subscription—abbreviated dialing, extension groups, call waiting and hunting, complex transfers and conferencing. Yet with PortaSwitch we are able to charge customers for additional services such as personalized voice mail, music on hold, fax services, and premium auto-attendant," noted Kopiika.

In addition to its customer-facing benefits, PortaSwitch has given Atlantis Telecom valuable operational and financial advantages. "PortaOne does not charge per the end user or extension, so it really has given out management peace of mind," said Kopiika. "It has allowed us to quickly grow our number of subscribers and significantly improve revenue over the years. Furthermore, PortaSwitch's resilience lets our technical team focus on providing services, rather than on troubleshooting. This helps a lot with the operational efficiency of our staff."

In the six years since Atlantis Telecom has placed PortaSwitch at the center of its enabling technologies, the company has been able to cut costs, simplify business processes, and give end users the ability to work and communicate seamlessly regardless of their physical location. Its services are not only a viable alternative to traditional business-class PBX sets, but in the majority of cases are able to provide cost reductions, optimized internal business processes, unification of offices in different cities and countries, constant connectivity of mobile workers, and convergence of wireless, local, intercity and international calls.

According to Kopiika, none of this would have been possible with another product. "Thanks to PortaOne, Atlantis Telecom has become one of the best representatives of the new wave of innovative telecom operators in Ukraine able to offer the complete spectrum of telecom services," he states. "We're proud to be a country leader in solutions that unite people and improve business efficiency."

About PortaOne:
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