Payment Savvy Launches Convenience Fee Solution for Utility and Telecom Payment Processing

The New Solution Allows Companies from these Industries to Accept Payments for their Services with a Small Fee on the Bill

PLANO, Texas, April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Payment Savvy, a fully integrated payment processing company, has just launched free payment processing with their innovative "convenience fee solution." As a spokesperson for Payment Savvy noted, the new convenience fee payment processing was designed with utility and telecom companies in mind.

Thanks to the new convenience fee payment processing, utility and telecom business owners can accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks at no cost.

"This new solution will allow utility and telecom companies to accept payments for their services with a small fee on the bill which would allow them to cover any payment processing costs," the spokesperson said, adding that clients who use this new service will also avoid receiving lengthy payment processing statements every month.

As the spokesperson explained, when utility or telecom company customers pay their bill by credit card, the full amount will be deposited into the company's bank account after being collected. The convenience, or service fee, is a minimal amount collected by Payment Savvy.

This new program has many benefits, noted the spokesperson.

"Utility and telecom companies can use the new program to accept payments 24/7 by phone, web, mobile or text. And because so many customers like to pay their bills with credit cards, it may mean that more people will end up paying what they owe on time, and often in larger amounts."

About Payment Savvy:

Payment Savvy is a fully integrated payment processing company that specializes in offering free payment services by their "Convenience Fee Model" within collections agency, healthcare, utility, law firms, and telecom space, etc. In today's economy it is critical for merchants to offer convenient payment solutions in order to stay competitive in the market. Customers not only prefer to pay with their credit cards, studies show consumers pay higher balances when credit and debit card processing is an option. Payment Savvy offers incredible tools to accept ACH, Debit and Credit Cards. With their convenience fee technology and software integrations in place with many different industries, they are confident clients will not only be satisfied with their services but pay absolutely nothing. For more information, please visit

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