Astellia introducing Flex for scalable user plane traffic monitoring

  • Posted by Esther Duval
  • March 22, 2016 2:15 PM GMT
Rennes, France, March 22nd 2016 - Astellia, leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, today launched as part of its long-term monitoring strategy, Flex, an intelligent traffic load balancer for flexible user plane monitoring and troubleshooting solution.
Today's changing networks must support ever-increasing traffic volumes, higher speeds and more mobile apps. This massive data growth is outpacing operator’s ability to cost-effectively monitor it. Operators therefore need to adapt their data capture and processing strategies, all while controlling their monitoring CAPEX.
Astellia’s Flex was developed as a response to operators needs for more flexible, scalable and future-proof monitoring solutions. Flex is an important milestone in Astellia’s next generation monitoring solution towards NFV/SDN. Flex is available as software, running on Commercial-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware, reducing hardware footprint by 40%. Flex intelligently load balances traffic across different soft probes to ensure monitoring stability.
In order to reduce UP monitoring costs and improve scalability, Flex can target UP traffic based on criteria like IMSI, mobile app, APName, QCI, geographical areas, handset and IP address while still generating QoS information (throughput & volume) for every subscriber.
“User plane analysis is valuable and important for operators to understand network usage and customer experience. Flex allows them to control their UP monitoring budget by selecting full or on-demand DPI analysis and invest as they grow.” explains Cedric Arnaud-Battandier, Chief Marketing Officer at Astellia.