UK Company MacMate Challenges the Big Tech Companies in the Cloud

LONDON, September 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

MacMate, the Mac-friendly cloud service launched in 2012 to replace Apple's MobileMe service, has recently launched its new free cloud disk service aimed squarely at the growing Apple and iPhone/iPad users.

With 10GB free space to start users off on the cloud experience, initial uptake of the service has been exciting - especially considering the dominance of companies like Dropbox and Google Drive in this market. The UK-based company offers several innovative additions to its cloud disk with the aim of combining a user's cloud requirements into one easy-to-use online experience.

Cloud services are becoming more popular as people face the daunting task of managing their growing library of photos, videos, music and other personal files, not just on their home computers but also on their mobile devices. Users can easily upload documents, photos, music and videos to MacMate, and access them from anywhere on a number of devices, users can also easily share these files with whoever they want. MacMate is simple to use, with the familiar drag-and-drop to upload and download files.

Gary Hall, CEO of MacMate, commented, "We are not afraid of challenging the super-massive tech companies like Dropbox, Google and Apple in this area. By releasing a genuine contender to their services we are putting the MacMate flag firmly in the sand."

MacMate differentiates itself from other cloud providers in many ways by giving the user 10GB of cloud storage with their free version, more than what users currently get with Dropbox and iCloud. The real value added with MacMate comes with the additional features which most other providers do not offer; this includes: file sharing, galleries, hosting, email and award-winning telephone support. MacMate also works like a real disk so there is no software to install - it works natively on Mac, Windows and Linux.

"We have been really impressed with the uptake of MacMate since our free version launched a few weeks ago. Thousands of new users are joining MacMate. The feedback we have received from our users is really encouraging - they love how simple and fast MacMate is, with the added bonus that it is built by a team of Mac specialists." - Lauren Baker, Marketing Manager of MacMate.

The package revamp saw a reduction in the price of their hosting packages too; MacMate Classic now includes web hosting for less than $5/£3.25 per month. While they reduced the prices of their packages, they more than doubled the amount of cloud storage. MacMate Classic now comes with 25GB and MacMate Pro comes with 100GB, with the option of increasing the storage up to 2TB from just 50 cents or 35p per gig.

Product Details

MacMate Disk is the new FREE version and includes 10GB cloud storage and filesharing.

MacMate Classic now has 25GB of cloud storage and includes web hosting for $59/£39 per year, Classic also includes filesharing, email and galleries.

MacMate's all-inclusive flagship version MacMate Pro is $99/£69 per year, it includes 100GB cloud storage, professional web hosting (with SEO injectors and Google Analytics built-in), unlimited filesharing, 5 email accounts, and customizable galleries. From the Pro version MacMate can be upgraded to 2TB from just 50 cents or 35p per gig. All MacMate packages include support for popular protocols like: AFP, FTP, SFTP and WebDav making it very versatile and easy to use, and also features a FREE iOS App.

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About MacMate

Launched in June 2012 as a replacement to Apple's MobileMe service, MacMate® is an exciting online cloud service from the multi-award winning, Mac-specialist ISP, MacAce. MacAce has an ardent determination to provide high quality, innovative Internet services to Mac users around the world, backed up with the highest levels of support and customer service. For over 17 years MacAce has been servicing the Mac community and now boasts one of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world and is now based both in the UK and US.

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