Summit Tech Showcases the Connected Living Experience

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • February 23, 2016 12:29 PM GMT

Mobile operators can now seamlessly unify the connected home, connected car and wearables


Mobile World Congress – February 23, 2016: Summit Tech is demonstrating its new Connected Living solution for mobile operators with a range of devices from home automation to home security and from wearables to the IMS Connected Car. Mobile subscribers can seamlessly connect to their devices at home and their car via IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) and Rich Communication Services (RCS). They can even speak to their devices through newly added support for Amazon Echo and control their home through voice commands or check their wearables via chat for real-time data.


In partnership with CentraLite Systems, Summit Tech will also demonstrate how consumers can effortlessly control out-of-the-box connected home devices with smartphones. For wearables, Summit’s partnership with Hexoskin enables users to communicate with their fitness devices through RCS chat. The sensor-embedded Hexoskin smart shirt tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, sleep, and recovery. stickK provides the platform to connect with wellness-based services via RCS.


Based on Summit’s flexible IMS stack, operators can roll out a Connected Living solution by simply extending their current online systems. As the solution is based on RCS, consumers with a compatible device can simply add the service to their existing operator account. They do not need to download non-standards based apps and get locked into a closed system.


One of major issues with Home Automation has been the lack of standardization and the risk of vendor lock-in. To enable seamless connectivity, RCS Home Automation works with commonly used systems such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and WiFi. The phone detects Home Automation devices through the RCS home hub or the IMS enabled broadband router and displays the appropriate options on the screen or through RCS chat services. With the ability to now include wearables, Summit’s Connected Living solution can automate and monitor the users’ home, while also enabling subscribers to monitor their wellness.


Alido Di Giovanni, President of Summit Tech commented: “We are unifying home automation, home security and personal wellness onto a single platform for mobile operators. Consumers want simplicity in their connected life and we have the expertise and the solution to deliver just that. Thanks to a RCS-based system, service providers can now enter a new market, launch an innovative service rapidly – and secure new revenue streams.”


“We’re excited to collaborate with Summit on Connect Living in expanding the possibilities between wearables and RCS APIs,” says Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO of Hexoskin. “Unifying home automation, health, and security allows you to easily gain access to your health information, all under one platform."


Jimmy Busby, president and CEO of CentraLite Systems said: “As Summit Tech continues to bring consumers enhanced home control experiences, especially in security, the seamless performance of the homeowner’s connected devices is critical. We’re excited to be working with Summit Tech to ensure that the link between the company’s unique smartphone services and those devices is optimal.”